13 Things Ways To Know Your Partner Is Cheating

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You’ve been thinking a lot about something you can’t really figure out even though the thought of it appears to be weighing you down. You know something just doesn’t feel right all of a sudden in your hitherto ‘perfect’ relationship. It’s been weighing on your mind for some time. Somewhere in the recesses of your mind, a little voice tells you that your partner is cheating on you but just as the thought comes, you instantly dismiss it because you see it as an absurdity that can only happen to other people not you. You’re definitely too smart, pretty, handsome and intelligent to be cheated on. Despite these facts, you can’t seem to let go of that thought that they may be cheating on you. Without witnessing a direct form of betrayal, how can you tell if he or she is really cheating? Here are some signs you should lookout for:
Long absences of your significant other which cannot be explained.

When you find yourself making an effort to arrange how the events of a certain day played itself out, and in the process discover some pieces that are left to be accounted for, then something may be fishy. When your significant other finally shows up after an unexplained time out, they may mostly be too intoxicated to give an account of their whereabouts to you for the time they were away.

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Arive home in the early hours of the morning.

Irrespective of where you are in the world, even in the busiest of places, there is hardly any productive or healthy thing done at work in the early hours of the morning without your presence. Most restaurants and fun places would have been closed by then as most people that patronise these places would be at home cuddling up with their significant other in bed. If your guy or gal went to these places to have a couple of drinks, he or she should ideally want to get back home to cuddle up in your arms. If you find out that your partner is repeatedly arriving home late at night or in the early morning of the morning, they they may have found something or someone taking up their time.

Secretive about phone.

You need to take note of a partner who is always possessive and protective of their mobile devices. When a call comes through on their devices, they jerk when you reach out for it to hand over to them only for them to whisk it away from your hand. And when you get to ask them whose call came through, they smile and say it was a friend or family member.

They Suddenly Start Getting busy at odd hours.

When you think back and realise the schedule of your partner used to be very much open that they had so much time for you and all of a sudden their schedule is so tied up that they now almost always come up with last minute plans or meetings that run late into the night. This might not entirely be a bad thing if you’re included in the plans and not happening all the time.

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When you find yourself asking your partner directly if they are cheating on you and instead of getting assurances and a sincere laugh that what you suspect isn’t true, you get hit with anger. They aren’t concerned about explaining to you what led you to believe what you do but they instead hit you with a verbal tirade of insults and give you a long talk about how you have too much time on your hands and the need for you to get a life and stop being paranoid and jealous. They will succeed in making you feel jealous, humiliated and insecure.

Your investigative work and intuition raise red flags.

Your partner told you he was going to be hanging out with friends and you put a call through to the said friend and they aren’t there or they said they’d be at a bar or mall and you pass by without seeing them. Your intuition isn’t wrong, something beyond the untoward might be going on.

Odd financial bills and charges.

If you find yourself going through your spouse’s finances and they have some huge financial expenses which you weren’t aware of, they may just be cheating on you. More so, when you check the account statements, you find outrageous bills for gift items and sundry expenses. You think back and realise you just had your birthday and neither of the gift items were given to you.
Showers immediately upon arriving home.

The minute they get home, they move past you with a simple “hi” without a hug or kiss or response to your inquiries or statements. You’re left wondering why they have to move straight into the bathroom especially since neither of you would be going out again for the night. That’s when they begin to bring up crazy excuses such they were in a room filled with smokers, the bus they took was a stench etc perhaps, someone else’s body spray and maybe body fluids is been washed off during the bathing process.

Always changing their email account passwords and not because it’s recommended.

You find your partner constantly apprehensive and looking over their shoulders when they are checking their emails when you’re around. They constantly delete messages received over the social media sites they belong to the instance they receive them.

Suddenly shower You with gifts, flattery and unnecessary gestures.

You know you and your partner have been a little bit distanced because of their late nights at work and the frequent trips they have been taking. All of a sudden, they begin to shower you with gifts and expensive items which leaves you wondering if the gifts were meant to fill the void of their absence. And when you ask them why you’re getting the gifts, they simply tell you “Because you’re wonderful.”

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Constantly Check out other People Without trying to hide it.

Every time you’re out with your partner, you find their eyes wandering about scanning the different handsome and beautiful people around. When you excuse yourself to go to the loo, you return to find them flirting with one of the staff of the place you’re at.

A strange scent.

If you find your better half coming home covered in some strange cologne, perfume or body spray, they are probably doing some shady things. Finding his clothes covered in lipstick or finding her smelling of a strong cologne which isn’t yours are significant pointers that they may be cheating.

Can’t be reached and are Slow to get back to you

Trying to reach your partner and not getting a response for hours in this day and age points only to one thing- cheating. In the chance that a mobile phone battery died, they could always borrow someone’s phone or find a payphone to get through to you.
We live in the days of advanced technology with so many ways to keep in touch. If they have no care about being in touch, they’re probably touching someone else.



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