Why You Should Consider Dating A Calabar Girl

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Alright, I know what you all are thinking and that’s definitely one of the reasons why you should date a Calabar girl. My last writeup regarding why Yoruba Boys should be top of your list of guys to date got quite a few knocks but I guess people generally agreed they are the best (I’m one anyways!). This time around we’d be examining why you should date a Calabar girl- at least once before you’re out of the dating game and if you’re strong enough, you could wife her.

By Calabar girl, we mean our Efik, Ibibio, Anang and northern cross riverian sisters. If you’ve been lucky enough like me to roll with any girl from these tribes, you would definitely attest to some of what I’m about to say. If not, well, you’d want to go all out for one at the tail end. Come along and let’s see what makes our Calabar girls tick.

Attention And Time
Well, one of the reasons I hooked up with my Calabar babe is that she was devoted when it comes to giving you time and attention. You might say this is a false generalisation but I’ve met quite a few and dated one. Do you want a girl that will answer to every of your whim and caprice? Then you know where to get her.

Cooking Skills
If you’re seriously into native dishes especially vegetable soups, you got your answer. Almost every Calabar girl can snatch any man with a proper meal of Afang, Edikan Ikang, Akpam kuko (permit my spelling) and pounded yam, semo or any of your favorite native carbohydrate rich meal. You’re guaranteed of never going hungry if you date one and be sure that you’d add enough weight (if you’re skinny) that people would ask what your secret is.

Spoil You Silly
According to my ex–Calabar babe and some of my Ibibio friends, young ladies from their tribe get tutored on how to be homely and be good wives. As such, they know how to take good care of their man. A typical Calabar girl would stroke your back as you eat to help aid digestion while ensuring everything is in place after you have a hard day. Talk about unexpected gifts,  she knows how to kick in those surprises from time to time.

Sex! Sex! Sex!
Need I say more? Every guy has a fantasy of hooking up with a Calabar girl that would give him mind blowing sex simply because ‘Dem sabi do the thing well’. Sex is an essential ingredient of today’s relationship and marriage and if you want someone that would give it to you well, my Cross Rivers and Akwa Ibom girls are up to the task.

This shouldn’t be a surprise as any girl with enough strength to go 10 rounds of sex at a stretch has got to have immense strength. Well, I’m not just saying strength for sex, I’m talking strength for other activities such as keeping your home clean and tidy. When you’re tired, she has the strength to back you up. You’re coming from a party where you both have danced out, she’s got the strength to drive you guys home.

They’ve Got Your Back Always
We all want someone who has got our backs and no one does it better than your Calabar girl. They would stick with you through thick and thin with little concern for how much you’ve got (if you’re still struggling) . She doesn’t even mind helping you out from time to time, provided you’re supplying her well in certain areas as well. That’s something you don’t buy in the marketplace.

The only thing is just try to be faithful to her. You don’t want to get on her bad side, trust me.

If you think there are more reasons to date a Calabar girl, abeg let me know, if you have a contrary opinion, still let me know. More are still to come concerning other tribes. In the meantime, why would you want to date that Calabar girl?



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