Four Ways Feminism Is Doing More Harm Than Good For The Women Folk

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It created a world where we view women as victims.

The hard truth is that Feminism in all its ramifications portray women as victims. The tenets of feminism makes people see women as victims of rape, victims of on the job discrimination, victims of patriarchy and victims of all that is wrong in the world. Feminism teaches everyone that women are victims.

This portrayal of the women folk as against the strong minded people they are does much more harm than good to women. You can be a woman and not be a victim. You don’t have to hide under the umbrella of feminism, if you have the perception that the world is out to get you. You can be a capable adult who can handle all the issues of life without being a victim.

It created the illusion that women fight with other women.

Feminism has created an illusion in which people believe that when a woman disagrees with another woman, it is completely a normal thing simply because women fight with one another all the time. This stereotype is completely wrong but unfortunately, this illusion abounds.

The fact is Women like Men fight, but they do not fight all the time. It’s normal for humans to have fights and disagreements. People are different in a number of different ways. People generally have different opinions, experiences, values and thought processes regarding issues and as such, disagreement is more natural and likely to happen than agreement. Moreover, when people discuss ideas they generally do not agree on, there’s a level of excitement it brings into their lives.

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However, proponents of feminism makes this bad for “the women cause.” The line of thoughts of feminist is to support all women irrespective of the quality or content of their ideas but simply because you as a woman share the same XX chromosomes with them.

You might want to ask how shackling to the thoughts and ideas of every other woman out there and removing the freedom to criticise someone freely help to empower you or espouses feminism? It doesn’t. It shuts down interesting and fruitful conversation including progress. It harms women.

It promoted the idea that women are fragile and infantile.

Feminism goes on and on about how everyone can make the world a safer place for women. The fact is feminism is based on making other people change to accept the beliefs of a few and not necessarily about empowering women to deal with the world. Subconsciously, this makes a lot of people believe that the womenfolk are basically fragile creatures that may break and shatter at the slightest provocation.

No one needs a culture, set of proposed rules or a tag in order to change the fragile and infantile perception neither do women need people to watch what they say in my presence. Women simply need people that would treat them like they would treat any other person irrespective of their gender, age or race. The onus of responsibility for one’s actions should totally and completely lie on the person committing the act not on anyone else.


It took away women’s ability to make their own judgements.

Take for instance a woman that believes she is better off living an active life by working and achieving goals outside the home as opposed to a passive life of nurturing the dreams of others inside the home. Such a woman is generally attacked by Feminism proponents and tagged as someone with “wrong judgement.”

The argument usually made by these proponents is that homemaking and raising children has traditionally always been seen as a female pursuit while having a successful career has been a male pursuit and as such, women are unable to freely choose one over the other. A lot of the time, when women choose a career over the home, they mostly do it because they do not realise that they’ve been brainwashed by popular culture. Some women want career simply because it’s been associated with men, not because they may actually have a deep interest in such endeavour.

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No human should judge one lifestyle as being better than another, but if we are to critically view it, the moment feminism is removed from the equation, everyone does it everyday but in a healthy manner.

We all have the right to choose the lifestyle we want and we probably chose the one we have (or want to have) over many others we had access to. And we like many other people defend and tell people our lifestyle is the best simply because we believe it to be or we wouldn’t have chosen it. A city dweller isn’t “anti-human” simply because they write an article praising urban dwellers and the perks of living in the city as against living in the suburbs or villages. Everyone makes decisions based on their judgments.

This doesn’t mean that we dislike people that chose a different path; it only means that we think that one thing is better than the other and that is what motivated our choice not because it was proposed under the guise of some set of beliefs. This is natural, human, and healthy.



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  1. Ignoring the the ignorant comments obviously by feminists and their low IQ supporters I will say you are correct with everything you wrote. Modern feminism has done more harm than good; not only towards women, but towards men too. Oh and also you forgot to add the fact that feminism turns some women into spoil brats. Other than that, good article.

  2. Feminism doesn’t support working class women? what a load of bull! as in, are you confused or what? Feminism encourages women to go out and work like men, not to sit at home and take on the traditional roles.
    geez! this guy is a dunce sha! if you don’t understand the concept, read it up.don’t come here and be talking in ignorance. you just have a problem with strong women.admit it and seek help!

    1. Yeah, but what happens when that woman prefers to do a traditional role or don’t mind it? She gets attacked by a bunch of feminists and get called “less of a woman” just for not following their ideology. Also in some cases feminism don’t support working class women the moment they choose to not call themselves a feminists too. They’ve done this to Kaley Cuoco, Katy Perry, Evangeline Lilly, Marissa Mayer (who is a CEO) and a lot of other celebrities and business people, especially women.

      Also, if you’re talking to me, you do realize I’m a girl, right? Lil is short for Lilian and on some websites I call myself Lilly. I find it very ignorant of you to accuse someone of being afraid of a “strong independent woman”, but yet you have a problem with me independently coming to my own conclusion about feminism. In fact, this is the case for all feminists.

      Oh and by the way, 82% of Americans, both men and women do not consider themselves a feminist. You wanna know why? For starters majority of feminists make assumptions the moment someone opposes their view, they’re against rape until they think a woman deserve it when she refuses to call herself a feminist, they say they’re for equality, but do nothing for men, and they freak out over the pettiest things. For example, manspreading, attacking a scientist for wearing a shirt full of cartoon women made by a female friend of his, over-criticizing female super-heroes, and so on.

      So please, take your BS somewhere else.

      1. Erm… you have issues. Like really. I was addressing the writer. Not you. Unless you are the writer posing as Lil or whatever you call yourself.Nobody is fighting you here but somehow you have this war going on in your head. It’s so unnecessary.Nobody has your time really. Take your BS elsewhere biko. No dey yarn wetin you no sabi

        1. Either way I made my point and there was plenty of ways to reply politely, but either way I’m use to feminists and their supporters responding all b@tchy. It seems as if your from another country and may I suggestyou improve your English and grammar.

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