#Ladies Only: What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Bad In Bed

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When your man is bad in bed, please do not to fake your orgasm. Please don’t do it even if you feel that doing so would make everything fine and make things end in a climax. Even if it will affirm his hardwork and soothe his ego, try not to do it. Do not fake your orgasm. Don’t do it. A major part of having an enjoyable sex life is opening your mind to learning and in truth, we all aren’t as good as we are now. What complicates the life of a sexual novice more is making him feel all he was doing is appropriate and right despite the fact that he would have that little throbbing thought at the back of his mind asking him repeatedly if what you told him was the sincere truth.

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Moreover, your guy might not be so much of an amateur at the sex game. You may be one of the ladies on his list of conquered women and he was only able to have that much women because most faked orgasms and told him half hearted truths about the issue. His shallow knowledge of the female anatomy might be ascribed to the fact that he’s new sexually or he may be a poor imitation of what it means to be good and attentive over a long period of time. It may be that when he’s on top of you, the thrusting becomes painful enough to make you numb, it’s probably at that point you want to pretend to climax so that he can get there too if only to make him stop.

Going on for that long believing such would only make him someone that is bad and revels in it. We all owe it to one another to be as honest as possible sexually. A lot of women have learnt how not to communicate how they feel in the bedroom. They are still uncomfortable with oral sex because they’re ashamed of their physical appearance including their body and hair. Some women have learnt to hide themselves from asking for the kind of pleasure they may have mastered from her own touch. Such women see sex as a chore of everyday life that must be attended to even if it provides some moment of intimacy at the risk of clumsy touches.

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But there is nothing wrong with saying what you want
It’s essential you say the things you want. Let him know what part of your body drives you wild. Show him the best way to navigate through your all the complicated parts of your body. It’s never too late to learn and by faking your orgasm, you’d only be postponing doomsday.

He will want to be better
Allowing him know what to do will bring out the best in him. He wouldn’t like to be the butt of jokes or why you had to pretend that you enjoyed being with him. It is hard for anyone to want to imagine that their effort and hardwork is being used as jokes through which you bond with your female friends. Help him feel relief that everyone has bad days for bad sex too.

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Let that bad sex stop with you. Try not to exaggerate your cries of pleasure. It’s ideal that you’re that type of woman who has no fear of stating what she wants or correct her guy when he makes a wrong move. And perhaps, if the relationship ends for reasons beyond your control, you will be leaving him a better man. A man that understands how to help his woman achieve orgasm and enjoy all aspects of her sexual life. Teach him not just because you want the best from him but for the general betterment of society.



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