I Like You A Lot… But Without Makeup

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Proper makeup no doubt makes women prettier and more appealing to the eyes but there are however times that not having make up on may make a lady more appealing to the eyes. Men tend not to be too concerned with the powder and different colour blends used in filling up the contours on a woman’s face. Sometimes, we’d rather just have the faces of our women natural for a variety of reasons.

Because it’s a façade.

Almost all of us grew up hearing the golden words that say “honesty is the best policy” more than we can care to remember. It is quite absurd and funny that we all somehow got to lose the acceptability of those words by ignoring them. It only appears as if there is something to hide if as a woman you deem it necessary to plaster your face with loads of powder, cream, eye shadows and a load of other things just before stepping out everyday of your life. When you are addicted to putting on makeup, you tend to cheapen your own image by representing something which is not your true self. This in a way makes your accountability goes down. Appearing to distance yourself from what you truly look like also makes you put some distance between your personality, interests, goals and feelings.

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If for instance you have a love for cake and you wear a shirt that says “I love doughnuts” everyday, as time goes on, you’d have to stop explaining to people that you actually love cake all because it will become tiresome to do so everyday. Wearing Makeup actually provides an excuse to hide the real you. It most times hides the pretty woman who ought to have enough confidence to show her real self and smile at the world without having a set of cosmetics to conceal the marks and contours that every human being has. Makeup could be attractive but it’s a lie. And lies are not sexy.

Because it’s a waste of time.

We all have a daily routine we follow be it for school, work, fun or shopping. Some people choose to jog first thing in the morning, some to read the paper with a steaming mug of coffee, and most women take up to an hour to put on their makeup. Perhaps because I’m a man, I might not have that much knowledge when it comes to the mascara, blush or foundation etc that women are used to but whenever women are engrossed in discussions about their makeup it doesn’t make that much sense that they’d spend hours on end doing them. Any man who has an understanding of how absurd concealants are can’t help but look at the 30 minutes to 1 hour you spend on putting something that appears to be infernal in your pretty face as a waste of time especially if he thinks of what better thing you could have done with that time instead. The point is that you’re wasting about 6 days of your life yearly doing something that real people have little or no care about.

Because social norms are stupid.

This conversation has been a recurring one between myself and my female friends and the most common reply they give to my assertions are “Well, makeup makes me feel better about myself.” truth is it really shouldn’t.

The models, public figures and music artists you look at with admiration from the pages of magazines and on television with the exclamation “They’re so pretty,” are not the real people. You’re probably calling the work of the editor who spent minutes trimming waistlines, toning arms, and enlarging breasts for the fabricated results you see in front of you pretty. You’re definitely not talking about the women. Most of us have seen loads of videos on the internet which shows the process through which a photo billboard is made and the people used aren’t as appealing as we may think they are.

You might want to take a minute to think about some of the things mentioned and you may realise that they are completely correct and very much undeniable. If you’re the type that wears makeup, try to remember this when next you put it on. It may be difficult for you to drop the face paint but you may want to consider toning it down. When you make your face an unrecognizable one beneath a sheet of paint and plaster, chauvinistic men win. And I’m sure you don’t want that.

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Because you’re better than that.

When next anything or anyone makes you feel insecure about your appearance, please never use it as an excuse to put on wild makeup that would make you look like mother gargoyle. You can get angry and sulk but know that there is something sinister about someone or the situation that wants you to change the way you look. Never allow a situation, person or group bring you down simply because they expect something different from the way you are. The sad reality is women are still somewhat behind in today’s society. On average, women get paid less than men, and are less likely to ascend to the position of CEO in any multinational corporation.

It is however my opinion that this might be due to the fact that the world still holds traditional views regarding women which makes them scared of women who attain power. Men are naturally competitive and love to win. Throughout history, men have been stronger than women which usually makes men become the provider for their women.

The technology and wealth exists now to put all of the shenanigans of the past behind us. Women and men alike are exposed to public education all over the world even though women may be disadvantaged in certain underdeveloped countries. The essential thing is to stop yourself from stooping low to cherish insignificant material things over your ambitions and dreams.

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Get yourself a degree. Learn new skills. Get a job that you love. Read a book. Develop your own personal view and philosophy regarding life, politics and love. Be a leader. Rule the world. If you however succumb to the idea that appearances are more important than what lies in your head and heart, you’d only be limiting and holding yourself back. And the truth is, you’re way better than that.



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