Na Madam Beauty Deceive Me: Houseboy Smashes Spinal Cord While Peeping At His Madam Bathing

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Houseboy Smashes Spinal Cord While Peeping At His Madam Bathing

Houseboy Smashes Spinal Cord While Peeping At His Madam Bathing, Says “Na Madam Beauty Deceive Me”


A domestic worker who while his female boss was in bathroom decided to be a “peeping tom” has injured his spinal cord.

The 26-year-old identified as Ubong Etu Nbomang has been hospitalised at the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, Delta State.

Ndobang was said to have made holes around the bathroom door, through which he peeped at his boss, who is a top federal civil servant, whenever she was having a shower.

He ran out of luck on this fateful day when a friend of his boss walked in on him while he was supposedly having the “time of his life.”


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The guest who spoke on the condition of anonymity with Punch said she walked in and met nobody in the sitting room.

On hearing the sound of dropping water, she approached her friend’s bathroom out of curiosity, only to find the young man peeping.

She said Nbomang was vigorously rubbing his reproductive organ while peeping.


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The guest, who trades in cooking utensils at the Ogbeogonogo Modern Market, said she shouted at him: “Nbomang, are you peeping at your madam?”
Nbomang, jumped off where he was and slipped on the wet tiled floor when he heard the visitor’s voice. It was at that point that the unsuspecting boss, who was shocked by her worker’s groans rushed out of the bathroom.

Speaking with the publication off his hospital bed, Nbomang said, “Help me beg my madam, na devil work. Na my madam beauty deceive me.”




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