Passion Or Project Fame?

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Ok ok…before I get a misrepresentation suit on my hands (yea, yea a lawyer is in the building! 😀), this totally has nothing to do with the reality TV show ‘Project Fame’…although it really wouldn’t hurt if they endorse this post so i can get some paper 😀 (After all, everyone is a ‘celebrity’ ambassador these days)

Well, let’s get back to my awesome article *Batting my eyelashes*. So, one hot saturday afternoon, here i am sitting down watching MTV base or Soundcity (pretty irrelevant which it was right now) and a music video comes up of a Naija guy with an unbottened shirt wearing ice(s) and sun glasses bigger than my dad’s first satellite dish (yup! remember those big ass ones like space ships?) and with a haircut i’m left still trying to figure out! (just add a hat and dude can be mistaken for a modern day Flava Flav *tears*). But, what  still has me confused the most about this ordeal is ; i did not hear a single word of what the dude was singing, rapping, miming (or maybe it was spoken words though *scratches head*). Basically it was a pathetic attempt at being a ‘musician’..At least I got quite a bit of what young thug was TRYING to say in ‘Lifestyle’.

Artistes like this oga i just described, make it hard for me not to believe that ‘everyone’ dives into the music industry these days like its a cesspool for anyone with a ‘creative’ style.What happened to actually having a passion and the creative mind for music and most importantly, having the TALENT to back up the two (Then again, who am i kidding...talent seems farfetched in the Naija music industry these days..sighh).

It really is appalling these days when you switch on your TV and you see people jumping up and down the screen with obvious lack of passion for creating MUSIC and let’s not even start with some of these music videos *shudders*!.

Verdict: Most are definitely after the fame and the supposed ‘flashy’ lifestyle that comes with it..hence, they grace our TV screens like stereotyped Blair Wharldorf minions; The guys with ice(s), highhhhhtops, Timbs, shiny loafers, snapbacks with haircuts no one can seem to figure out (some of these haircuts put Pogba/Vidal/Neymar’s haircut choices to shame *Lmao*) and the girls alternating between Looking like a Beyonce,Rihanna or what not…. It gets so confusing your head starts to swerve…LOL (Let’s appreciate the females that have created distinct brands for themselves though..Yemi Alade for one, we see you!)

This is not a generalization of all our artistes as I will admit that quite a number of them are actually talented,creative and have successfully carved a niche for themselves with their style of music.I definitely  appreciate such efforts…BUT, I am begging the uncles and aunties looking for just the fame and not one ounce of talent to show, Pleeeeeaaaasseeee don’t just wake up one morning and decide to hurt our ears with your ‘song’ and eyes with your ‘Viral Video ‘, at least have some decency and respect for music and its legends!. (damn, i would give anything to hear Fela’s thoughts on music these days..)

To the ever accepting Naija audience, it is time we start to identify the artistes that are really worth our  time,data,dstv bills (haha) and should remain in the game and those who need to get evicted from this show of ‘Passion or Project Fame’


P.S; Hol up! Hol up! Hol up! This is not a post by a hater before the voltrons start to come out 😛 . No artiste was dissed during the creative process of this article*snickers*


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