Project Fame 8.0: 2 Contestants Say Goodbye

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The judges complained of the below average performances of the contestants at the last Nomination Show which resulted in all the contestants being placed on probation and inadvertently leaving the power to save the contestants in the hands of voters.

The nights show kicked off with the hosts of the show revealing the names of the five contestants that had the least number of votes. They were Biko, Joy, Anderson, Jeff, and Kumi. This meant that the rest of the contestants were saved by the viewers’ votes.

The five contestants with the least amount of votes were given a chance to perform and gain a chance to get back into the academy. Before their performances however, the audience were thrilled by season 4 alumnus of project fame academy–Isaac Geralds who thrilled the audience with one of his hit songs- ‘Fall in love’. This was followed by the performances of Biko, Anderson, Kumi, Jeff, and Joy one after the other. At the end of the performances, the judges took a decision to save Kumi, the faculty saved Jeff, while the contestants who scaled the first stage, saved Joy. This marked the end of the road for Anderson and Biko.

As expected, saying goodbye was tough for the evicted contestants. Biko’s final words were laden with emotions, while Anderson on his part fought the tears back to no avail as he delivered a brief appreciation speech.

The night came to an end with final performances from Biko who sang John Legend’s ‘Ordinary people’ while Anderson on his part performed ‘Story of my life’ by One Republic.



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