Project Fame 8.0 Academy Day 3: Is Kaffy Not Returning As Dance Instructor?

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Ms Ige’s class continued from where it was left the previous day. Each of the contestants told her the things they believed made their voices unique. They also told her what they believed were the limitations regarding their vocal prowess. The session was an interesting one as this provided all the contestants with an opportunity to voice their fears. On the other hand, Ms Ige was also able to to get acquainted with the voices of the greenhorn contestants. More so, she was able to see beyond the things the contestants expressed as their limitations – which of course would come in handy in training and getting the best out of the contestants.

Furthermore, in what appeared to be a move to get the best out of the contestants in the season 8 edition of the show, a couple of changes were made regarding the instructors. From academy day 2, the contestants were introduced to the new fitness instructor, and in the same vein, a new choreographer – Lovette Otegbola was introduced to them on academy day 3. After the formalities of introduction, the new choreographer took the contestants through dance routines that would enhance their performances over the weekend.

Uncle Ben’s class was the third and final for the day. As expected, uncle Ben as kicked off with the usual intensity and drill he is known for as he put the contestants through the wringer. The day however ended on what appeared to be a sober note. In what he has come to be known for on the show, Uncle Ben admonished the contestants on the need to brace up to the upcoming challenges of the show. He told them to get prepared for the various obstacles they are bound to encounter while in the competition. He explicitly told them that Deinde and Anderson had a leverage over the others because they had the opportunity of performing at the opening gala night that heralded their entry into the academy.

Uncle Ben finished his class by telling the contestants that “The fear factor is worse than being eliminated itself”.



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