5 Ways That You Can Flirt And Succeed At It

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Some of us are excellent at flirting than others as it seems to come naturally to some people. It however doesn’t mean that we all cannot be excellent at it if we get to learn a few of the tricks that good flirts have mastered.

Flirting has a lot of advantages while you’re dating or single. It is a way of signalling interest in a person of the opposite sex and can be very instrumental in opening the doors to honest conversations, getting a phone number or getting a person to start a relationship with. It is however unfortunate that a lot of people don’t know the proper way of flirting with the opposite sex and this makes it difficult for the person they are interested in to know if they are actually romantically interested in them or not.

Here’s how you can become a professional at flirting.

If you see a guy you like, there are certain flirting techniques that will show you’re interested in him without coming on too strongly. The best solution is to start the flirtation and make it easy for the man to follow your lead. It’s simple to do and it doesn’t take the power away from the man to take over the lead and ask you out.

Flirting Is Easier Than You Think.
Flirting is a combination of several actions which include having positive energy, proper eye contact and smiling. Flirting is another way of letting people around you feel good when they are around you and as such, you can flirt with anyone. Flirting is a conscious way of improving the mood of the person you’re flirting with and it doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual but a conversation involving a smile.

There’s no one that doesn’t love to be complimented. It is interesting to just find a stranger that compliments you for your look or your actions. However, try as much as you can to avoid general compliments like “you’re looking handsome / pretty today.” It’s way better to be more specific about how you like a fashion item the person has on.

Ask For A Favour
One of the coolest ways to flirt with someone is to ask them for a favour. Research studies have shown that people are more likely to show interest in you once you do something for them. Asking someone to do something for you will pique their interest in you. It could be a simple request like helping you watch your seat while you go to attend to something or helping you hold the door while you carry things. The person you’re with is bound to feel compelled to help and you can express your appreciation by getting them drinks.

Employ Sarcasm
Sarcasm is a flirting technique that could be annoying to say the least. It is important to gain proper knowledge in the use of sarcasm as it can be a good joking tool that can be a very attractive feature. Moreover, proper use of sarcasm can help to set you apart from other people and if the person is smart and discerning enough, they should be able to respond appropriately.

Let Them Know What You Want From the Onset
Even though flirting is a good way of letting your intentions known and it shows how confident and assertive you are, it is still important to let the person you’re in it with know what you want from the onset. Being bold about what you want sets you apart from other people and opens up communication between you both. People are not really comfortable approaching others for a relationship and when flirting comes into place, chances are the other person will take the initiative to set the ball rolling.



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