#Men Only: Five Things You Do, During Foreplay That Turns Her Off

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If you take away foreplay from your lovemaking session, the only thing you have left is sex. Sex in its entirety is awesome but its value is grossly reduced if you don’t experiment with foreplay before undergoing the actual sexual act. Foreplay helps you learn the things you would enjoy your partner to do to you and those you do not want.

However, there’s a chance that you would want to repeatedly do the same thing that drives her wild repeatedly which is bound to become boring to her when you stick only to it. Here are five things you’re probably doing that turns her off doing foreplay and things you can do to fix the situation.

Concentrating Only on One Spot

A lot of men make the mistake of putting most, if not all of their focus on one area when making out. The most common area which men tend to concentrate on are the genitals but there are other areas which tickle her fancy. You may want to try focusing on her entire body. Caress, Lick and nibble on the erogenous zones. These non-sexual parts include the neck, back, ears and belly button. When you focus on these areas of her body, she would be happier for it because it shows that you have an understanding of her wants and needs.

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Talking Too Much

While foreplay may require some form of sounds including moaning and talking, chances are you may actually be talking too much during the act which may be a turn off for her. It is important you take caution when you use pet names or phrases that are weird and cliché during foreplay as this may be a turn off for her. Instead of generalising, you can simply talk about how amazing a part of her body is or give her a verbal description of how fantastic you home one of your make out sessions with her would be.

Also, remember to avoid irrelevant conversations like talks about work and family during your time in the bedroom. Recent research indicates that getting and staying aroused has a lot to do with avoiding the stress of day to day lives. The ability to communicate your desires makes your overall sex life better rather than when you talk about your financial state or how terrible work was.

Going Too Fast or Too Hard

Chances are you already know that too much and too little of everything is bad. Rushing foreplay also falls within this purview and shouldn’t be rushed all the time. There are times a quickie will come in handy but it shouldn’t become a day to day thing as your partner would understandably become disappointed with you. The truth is women take up to 15 minutes to prime their bodies but when you rush through foreplay, you’re bound to appear selfish and uncaring.

Furthermore, applying too much pressure on her sensitive areas such as the clitoris or vulva is a common mistake that turns women off during foreplay. Knowing the right amount of pressure to apply is essential in getting her to the right mood for penetrative sex.

Never Skipping Foreplay

If you and your partner have an awesome sex life, chances are you’ve skipped foreplay more than once. The type of sexual context you and your partner create is dependent on how well each other’s bodies and you’d both know whether to go directly to having sex.

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Not Reading Her Mood

All men should understand that every woman’s body structure and chemistry is different; as such, if you have specific moves that you’ve tried and tested, it’s essential you throw them out and keep a clear mind especially if you see that she appears uncomfortable. If you find out that she’s uncomfortable with dirty talk, try something else or if she’s the type that wants you to make out on the couch rather than in the bedroom, by all means, do it on the couch.



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