Stop Erection Shaming: Hard Ons are normal

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Stop Erection Shaming

Stop Erection Shaming

She walked in the room and cried in my arms. My friend (just a friend) had a rocky relationship with this dude who hurt her all the time (dunno why she  still stayed with him).

On this unfortunate day, she called me crying on the phone, she just had another fight with her man, so I did the gentlemanly thing and invited her over to talk. I was being a friend (no dirty thoughts).

So, she cries into my arms and the next thing I know, BANG!!! instant boner.

Suddenly it went from ”I’m sorry your boyfriend hurt you” to “so you just want to use me, do I look desperate to you, how could you even think about sex seeing my predicament, you have no shame” and I’m like “babe it ain’t even like that, it just happened”.

She rolled her eyes like a strangled doll, cursed my future and let the door slam behind her on her way out of my place.

Officially one of the worst days of my life

Stop Erection Shaming

You see, Erection Shaming is the act of been humiliated for having an erection. The humiliation or shame might be a personal feeling of guilt or from someone else. Making you feel shame, guilt or humiliation for having an erection.

It’s been medically proven that an erection is as natural as the air we breathe and can occur at any time. Although the real question should be ”why can’t men have a permanent erection seeing as sex is one of the top three things on their minds (second to money or power} and they are always on the lookout for sexual opportunities?’’

An image, sound, smell, sight or thought is enough to make a woman horny but her shame is hidden unlike the man whose shame is visible to any onlooker.

Even stars gets erection shaming: 


Here are some experiences of erection shaming:

“On my wedding day, I had a mad ass boner just staring at my wife and her cleavage and all I had in my head was how badly I wanted a quickie, and quickly I got an erection. I was saved from the shame because of my tux. I had to think of pork meat (my most disgusting thought) to lose an interest.”

                                                                                                                – John 

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“Just like guys can’t understand girls and their menstrual circle, girls will never understand erections. I had one at my grandma’s burial. Absurd, right? To a girl maybe. But guys know you can stand at attention from even the strangest things. It just happens. Without your control”.

                                                                                – Lami

Stop Erection Shaming

“My erection shaming was one of the worst days of my life. It occurred when my ex-girlfriend visited me with her friend. We had issues we needed to sort out, so I invited her for movies (and a bang if things work out fine). Only for her to bring her friend as a chaperone. Her girlfriend was fine as fuck. And I got the most obvious boner staring at her exposed thighs when she wasn’t looking. Shamefully for me, my ex caught my beth-seba’s stare and sent a storm of words into my life. I don’t think anyone can beat my erection shaming experience, I felt like dying”.

                                                                                                                – Luke

Stop Erection Shaming

Erection Shaming is usually worse for the guy if it happens in front of a girl who spites and ridicules him. It’s a fuel for her fire and you’ll not hear the end of it till you die.


Stop Rection Shaming

When tempted to shame a male for having an erection, women, think of how you’d feel if your period started on a bad day, with no pads or tampons, just blood everywhere. That’s officially every woman’s worst nightmare. That’s the same way it occurs for men too.

Women, stop erection shaming. You can’t ridicule someone for a situation they have no control over.

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  1. Man up dude. Truth is you did like her, but you were trapped in the friendshipzone, and your meetings with her were just dates without responsibility. Even she knew that, as she was more angry that you wanted sex with her now, rather than another time. Don’t torture yourself!! She is just using you as a backup boyfriend, so she can have the thrill with the bad guy and then having the love and comfort with you!

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