How To Stop Everyone From Knowing You Just Had Sex

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Every adult can attest to the fact that there’s an after sex smell which we can’t really ascribe a particular smell to. Perhaps the smell is a combination of sweat, seminal fluid and vagina secretions, but the truth is the smell is not that pleasant especially considering that people around would get to know we just participated in a bedroom romp.

Moreover it is even more important to have the smell covered since we wouldn’t want anybody to know we just had a quick dirty quickie. Here are simple tips you can follow to prevent this uncomfortable situation.

Clean Up The Sweat
Chances are if you’re having a quickie, you’d probably get all sweaty after it. It’s a good idea to clean up the sweat after as this is one of the major things that cause the after sex smell. You can clean up sweat from your armpit with tissue paper before putting up any kind of deodorant. If you’re a woman, you may want to retouch your makeup and apply a bit of cream to your hair. This will successfully mask the sex smell and make you appear fresh.

More so, if you doubt that the deodorant is covering up the smell, you can try to add up a bit of accessory if you’re a woman. Head turbans and bandanas can come in handy in keeping your hair in place added to the style and poise they add to your appearance.

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Soothe Your Inflamed Red Skin
If you’re fair or light skinned, chances are you will have red inflamed skin after sex which can be easily noticed by people around you. The best bet to make this invincible is to rub moisturising creams which have a soothing effect over the areas. This helps to blur out any visible redness and inflamed pores on your skin.

Touch Up Your Makeup But Watch It
If in the process of making out with your partner, your makeup goes off completely, you can simply grab a makeup wipe or soft tissue to clean up the smeared makeup on your cheeks, nose and face in general. You can retain the makeup lining your eyelids as there shouldn’t really be a need to reapply them simply because that area draws very little attention. The good thing is ladies always have a small makeup kit handy in their bags and this is useful in removing any form of redness that may come with a quickie. The lipstick is something that should be retouched too even as there wouldn’t be much need for a blush. Men on the other hand should make sure that there’s no form of lipstick stain on their shirts or body. As a man, you may also want to ensure that no stain whatsoever exists on your trousers (especially if you’re wearing a bright coloured trousers!) as that would announce what you just did in private to the whole world. In all, take caution and have a fun filled time.

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