5 Things You Should Pay Attention To, If You Want A Happy Vagina

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If you don’t know that your vagina is one of the most delicate, yet the toughest parts of your body as a woman, then you need to learn more about its significance.

The vagina is a complex anatomical structure found in females which has the unique ability of being able to clean up itself. Despite this amazing attribute, some problems still come up which figurative, makes your vagina sad. But not to worry, we have come up with five things you should solutions to five common things that make your vagina sad.

Avoid Using Too Much Soap

Your vagina would thank you for it if you cut down on the amount of soap you use in washing it. Soaps can make you feel irritation in your vagina irrespective of how mild the soap maybe. A soap maybe mild enough for other parts of your body but its too harsh for your vagina because of the delicate skin it has. Natural soaps lacking in perfumes and medications are best used. Some experts however advocate not using soaps for washing at all.

Fruits and Vegetables

In the real sense, fruits and vegetables have a lot of beneficial effect to the overall wellbeing of your body but using them as a sex tool comes with some problems. Sexually suggestive fruits like carrots and cucumbers should never be used as they may dampen the joy of your vagina. These fruits tend to house bacteria which when introduced into the sensitive environment of your vagina may cause serious infections such as bacteria vaginosis. Consider eating these foods orally to make your vagina happy.

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Riding A Bicycle

Everyone loves the special feeling of having the wind blow through their hair while they take a joyous ride on a bicycle down a city or road. The joy that comes with this is however shortlived if you’re a female. Sitting on a bicycle with hard or narrow seats has a bad effect on your vagina. The seat tends to obstruct blood circulation to the vagina area while also compressing the nerves present there. This may cause you to have numb and tingling feeling which may result in reduced clitoral sensation over time. To avoid this feeling and make your vagina happy, you may want to stay off riding bicycles. And if you must, consider going for bicycles with well padded seats and those with handlebars that are higher than the seats.


There’s a level of joy that comes with wearing clean underwear don’t you think? Your vagina would surely thank you if you do so. Wearing dirty underwear can cause you to have an infection since underwear fabrics have the ability to trap vaginal discharge and sweat which is a fertile environment for bacteria and fungi. Prolonged contact with your vagina may result in a fungal infection.

Staying Off Piercings

Let’s take away the pains that come with piercing your vagina and talk about the health issues that may arise from it. The vagina area is full of normal flora bacteria that are usually harmless. If they however come in contact with a wound, they can cause serious infection. As such, if you want a happy vagina, you may want to keep off the piercing.

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It is important you make your vagina happy as much as it makes you happy too. You can do this by avoiding certain things and doing the things that would make it happy.



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