My Boyfriend Has Had Sex With Seven Prostitutes While In A Five-Years Relationship With Me.

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My Boyfriend Has Had Sex With Seven Prostitutes While In A Five-Years Relationship With Me.

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend now for over five years now and everything has been amazing. We were high school lovers, engaged and already talking about a future together. We go hiking, climbing, partying and basically have crazy fun together.

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I had just gotten a new job and it was closer to where he stays so when he offered I let go of my apartment and move into his, I didn’t think twice, after all it would be just like we were married. So I sold off all my things I didn’t need and moved to his flat.
I have been into my job for about three months and everything was so much fun. Till I started noticing he spent way too much time on his computer. I’ll wake up most nights to find him hunched over his laptop and when I tried to get closer he would speedily close his browser and move to my direction just to stop me from getting close to his laptop.

This went on for a long period of time and seeing as I didn’t have access to his laptop I couldn’t figure out what he was always doing on there every night, so naturally I let it go.

Few months later he began keeping late nights, calling me at the nick of time to cancel dinner and inform me he wouldn’t be coming back home that night and if I push further for an explanation, he would yell at me and hang up the phone. When he came back in the morning, I would have left for work so he would prepare me an amazing dinner or give me a surprise gift that he knew I had always wanted, we would talk through last night’s problem, he would make up a reasonable explanation ad we would call a truce. This kept on going back and forth for almost a year until one day, he forgot to lock his laptop and I finally had access to it. I decided to check.

Although at first I didn’t want to go through his laptop cos I felt it was a breach of his privacy but I felt we were together as a couple and couples don’t hide stuffs from each other so I delved into his laptop. First place I looked was his browser history. I didn’t even bother with his email cos I never thought I would find anything there. I naturally assumed I would find maybe porn or bets or something not so unusual so I kept on looking.

I found the website to an escort service and I wrote down the address and phone number. I kept on looking and I saw about four different websites so I got all their information down. I was already trembling within cos I sort of knew what I was going to find if I called or went down there in person but I was hoping against all hopes that I would be wrong cos I loved my boyfriend and didn’t want to believe he was cheating on me with a prostitute or prostitutes since he had signed up with more than one escort service.

I went to bed that night. My boyfriend was unsuspecting, when he tried to make love to me, I was so repulsed I couldn’t even let him touch me, I made up having menstrual cramps as an excuse to get out of having sex with him.

The next day I dressed up, called in sick at my office and headed down on my investigative journey. I found one of the escort companies and I was so shocked to see how everything was run. It looked like a bank. They had security officers, receptionist, human resource and a manager. When I got to the receptionist she asked if I wanted to be an escort or if I needed one, and if I needed one did I need a guy or did I need a girl. I was stunned. When I asked if my boyfriend was a client of theirs (I gave them his name) they told me, for privacy purpose they do not disclose the names of their clients. I took their complimentary card and I left. I did the same thing at all four escort services and got the same response and treatment. No, we can’t give out our clienteles name for privacy concern. Yes, do you want to be an escort or you want an escort and do you want a male or a female.

I headed home after a very stressful and nerve wrecking day. I had proof my boyfriend was visiting escort services via the internet but I didn’t have it in person so I knew I had to find proof.

The first thing I did was to stop having sex with him as I was really scared he must have been having sex with prostitutes even though I didn’t have any evidence yet besides the four escort services sites he visited often online.

I began paying closer attention to him whenever he tried to input his password into his laptop cos I was afraid if I asked outright he wouldn’t tell me and he would get suspicious. We never asked for one another’s passwords although there was a free to share password policy in our relationship.

Like they say, patience is a virtue, so I patiently waited and I got what I wanted, he put in his password before me oblivious to the fact that I have been stalking him for months just to get it. That night when he was asleep, I crept out of bed and went to the den, I opened his laptop and went straight to his email. Lo and behold, there it was. All the evidence I needed. There was back and forth messages of him chatting with this call girls, seven of them in total and I began to cry. I was staring at his mail, where he was telling them about how great the sex was and how he would love to do it again. Seven, seven different prostitutes. I began to cross-check it with the times he said he would be out of town and saw bills; hotel, restaurant and store bills that he had amassed while pursuing his secret.

He was still asleep so I couldn’t wake him. I felt like killing him that night but there was nothing I could do than go into the shower, let the cold water wash out my pain, misery and frustration. I was so scared I had contracted HIV and any other virus cos we always had unprotected sex.

I woke up before he did and took an early run just to buy him time to get dressed and leave the house. When I was sure he had left for work, I went back to the house, called UHaul and had all my things taken out of the apartment. I didn’t even leave him a note. That morning, I went to the hospital and got tested. I was so scared. When the doctor called me into his office, I began to cry cos I suddenly knew I was HIV+. The doctor told me to calm down and wipe away my tears, I was HIV-. I was so happy. In fact that was officially the best day of my life.

I called my office that morning and told them I would be leaving town for three days as I needed to sort things through with my life. I wasn’t in a great place mentally and needed to work on myself. I needed to find time to talk to my boyfriend and let him know that I knew what he had been doing all the while.

When I got back to his place later that afternoon, he wasn’t back from work so I made myself a meal. I walked around the apartment and could suddenly see how marrying this guy would have been the worst mistake I had ever made. I had gotten tested, I was clean and their was nothing holding me back in the relationship anymore. I just wanted to watch him lie.

When he got back from work, I didn’t let him go into the bedroom. I stopped him in the living room and asked him to sit down, which he did. I asked him if he had ever cheated while we were in the relationship and he swore in the name of future children that he had never done such a thing. So I told him everything, the emails, the escort services and that I had gone for HIV and STD testing.

What I didn’t tell him was that I tested negative. He asked me what my HIV status was and I told him positive. I knew I was negative cos I hadn’t been having sex with him in about two months and I knew I still had to go get tested again.

He begged and pleaded and said he was sorry and how much he didn’t want to lose me. I told him it was of no point as I had already moved out all of my things and I was done with the relationship. I also told him to go and get tested, so he could know his status. And then I left.

Looking back now I know I made the right choice. There is no way I would stay in a relationship with a guy who slept with prostitutes. I am very grateful he didn’t give me an STD. I have learnt my lesson and it will be very hard for me to trust a guy 100% again. – Anonymous

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