I Have Had Sex With 523 Prostitutes And I Have Cheated On All My 27 Girlfriends

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I was going about my business as I always am, reading up and trying to enlighten my already enlightened mind and I came across this article on a 27 year old man who has had sex with five hundred and twenty-three prostitutes in Amsterdam and has cheated on every girl he has ever dated; I really couldn’t help but share. Very interesting read and I would love to here your thoughts.

As I’m writing this my heart is actually racing. No one knows about this and its kind of embarrassing really. But I need to get this off my chest.
I’m 27 years old. Ever since I was a young boy i’ve been fascinated by sex. You could say that I am or have been a sex addict. Please know that this is not to brag as paying for sex is something I don’t consider to brag about. Its rather pathetic but the way I saw it was that its a good way to practice the act of sex and the prostitutes in my city are what you can consider very ”high end” for a very low price. It was hard to resist.
Growing up in Amsterdam means growing up with weed and prostitutes, among other things. You could say drugs and sex are an integral part of Amsterdam. Most of my friends have been confronted with drugs and prostitution in some form or another, but never pushed it as far as I have, as far as I know. I also must state for the record that most people growing up here actually tend to stay away from the things I mentioned, even when confronted, they usually don’t want to get involved.
So as the title states. I’ve slept with 523 prostitutes on a little over 600 occasions (some were definitely worth seeing again). A side from prostitutes I’ve had 27 girlfriends which i’ve dated for certain periods of time. I’ve cheated on all of them. I’ve kept a notepad (now all digital of course) with every first sexual encounter i’ve had, I can safely say its accurate. I visited my first prostitute when I was 14. I’ve never contracted an STD (always used protection) though the condoms snapped on more than one occasion.
My first encounter (I was a virgin) was pretty good. I could tell that the prostitute (Dutch girl, about 20 years of age) knew that I was underage. But when I flashed the money she let me in anyway. For those who are unfamiliar to the prostitution system in the Netherlands: Its ”legal”. Hookers pay taxes and they are in abundance. Which is also why the quality of the experience is much better than in most other places in the world. Though it has been degrading for years now as part of a EU/global agenda to fit in. Hookers are not on the streets but behind windows in small sex houses throughout certain parts of Amsterdam. There are thousands of prostitutes in Amsterdam and changes face daily. Anyway. The first encounter was a good one in retrospect as she really seemed to like me because she wouldn’t ‘let me go’ before orgasming herself. That is quite rare (in retrospect). It being my first time I came pretty much immediately so lets just say I got to practice quite a bit.
Over the years i’ve had prostitutes that fell in love with me and vise versa though I never considered them a girlfriend. I’ve been in quite a few strange situations. I’ve had sex with girls from pretty much any ethnic background. I also talk alot with them to find out why they’re doing it etc. I’ve ran into prostitutes I’ve visited during grocerie shopping with my girlfriend. On one occasion a prostitute I was seeing regularly wasn’t available so I went to her ”neighbor”. When I got out of the room my regular was standing there. Disheartened, mad and eventually crying. It turned out that she ”really” liked me. I’ve never seen her again. I actually believe she started working in some other city/country.
Based on my experience Amsterdam prostitutes can be categorized into 3 general personalities:
Shy (usually forced to do the work by a pimp or ashamed in some form)
Aggressive (In it for the money, usually have quite an elaborate plan/goals written down
Cocky (pun intended) (Extremely beautiful, usually marry some rich guy within the first month of appearing into the scene).
To my experience the shy girls provide the best experience. If you will ever visit Amsterdam and go for some sexy time, absolutely choose the shy ones. Keep in mind that they sometimes are forced to do this, if you find this out, please inform the police. However, the shy ones usually get emotionally attached to some of their customers. Which is what I always was after as that gives the best sex (girlfriend experience, sort of). The shy ones usually aren’t the most attractive ones, up until an ‘8’ I would say. But they’re definitely worth it.
The aggressive ones are not worth it. By aggressive I mean they literally pull you into their room (the large window is also a door) and try to seduce you. Or they hit you with some sex toy as you walk by (this usually only happens after sunset). They are in it for the money and the whole experience will last no more than 10 minutes, whether you come or not.
Cocky ones are cocky because they are extremely beautiful. I will never fully understand why they do it as they could easily be a model or simply go on a dating site and attract a wealthy individual. They are usually not older than 22 and most of times from the Ukraine or Russia, but in some cases also Holland/Germany. They dissapear always. Usually within 4-6 weeks time. I assume it is because someone decided that they are worth having as a partner. And seeing money is what these girls are after, they can easily be bought in that sense.
As i’m now 27 and haven’t visited a prostitute in over a year I could say that I am partially ”cured” of my sex obsesses mind. However, even though I have a girlfriend I still chase other girls. Perhaps I should see a psychologist. I always thought it is my nature to have sex with as many women as possible. I still believe that to some extend.
Well there you have it. I have a lot of more information, I could create a whole guide if you will. But for now I guess this is enough.
What I would like to know:
How fucked up am I?
Why do I consider cheating normal. And why do I consider any man that isn’t having sex with more than one female lying to himself and denying his own nature?
I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend(s). Yet in the past each girl i’ve told my ”urges” about basically left me. So I keep lying.




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  1. Hey, thanks for your sharing, I thought i was the only one. I guess, us men are just born to hunt and impregnate as many women as we can. Like you said, I’d never want to hurt my girlfriend ever, but when a man is hungry, we must eat. Therefore, keep lying.

  2. with all this have u gotten an Olympic medel for it no stay true to yourself and your girlfriend one is OK she as everything the other have you will just say it’s for ur selfish interest

  3. U dont hve to lie any girl/lady, tell her d truth if she truly loves u she wil look 4 means of helpin u out.trust me we ladies r fragile nd some of us still have the spirit of believing. Dont worry u jst belief u can overcome it.

  4. Dear, I don’t know if you have any regards for your creator. If yes, know that what you are calling sex and satisfaction is fornication. It is a sin against God. Repent and accept Jesus in your life. He is the only solution. Have a nice day. Nick.

  5. All of us have past but you need Jesus right now as he has open his hand to save you from the spirit behind sex, lust and lying. If you need counsel please contact my email addresss

  6. All man that reed D’s thin that u are still continue in doing D’s let it be sand in ur mind that there is reward for everything u are doing.and Jesus is coming back,is naw at hand pls change………..

  7. Three things you must do :
    1. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior
    2. Believe that his blood can wash away all your sins including the spirit of fornication in you
    3. Confess and forsake all unhealthy relationships
    And you will be free indeed.

    1. How do you feel if a hot iron rod inserted in your private part? that’s how you will be punished on the day of judgement.

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