An Average Guy’s Guide To Talking To Feminists

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OK. Feminists are the new thorn in the flesh of every parochial man and keeping up with them without sounding offensive is a little more than the regular day to day job.

Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, says feminists are persons who believe in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes (and various gender identities).

Quite a number of women have however taken this overboard and a lot of men would agree to this. From wanting you to spend money, to cooking and still giving them bomb dick, these feminists want your mind, body and soul.

But not to worry, I’ve come up with a couple of ways you can hold a conversation with a feminist and perhaps even date them. Here’s that guide you’ve searched for far and wide. Thank me after you’re done going through this.

Let Her Lead The Way
This is obviously the best thing to do. Feminists want to take charge and allowing her do just that would actually put you in control than think. When you start a convo with her, allow her decide what the convo should be about and gently lead her back to what you have in mind. If you’ve got sex on the table, simply let her introduce it. Feminists generally think men are domineering. As such, letting her lead the way in conversations will help her become more comfortable with you.

Keep Quiet And Listen When She Talks About Women’s Experiences
OK. You know a lot about how the menstrual cycle of a woman works, how to reach their G-spot and women passing through sexual harassment. It’s never a good idea to bring up how much you know about the physiological and anatomical makeup of women while talking to a feminist because she believes you can never understand what it feels like to pass through what she does. As such, just shut up and listen when she brings up anything pertaining to gender equality. Listen and allow her ramble. Keep your reservations till when you hit some.

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Accept Responsibility For The Failings Of All Men

She’s probably going to come out bashing the whole of the male gender. Never argue about how wrong she is, simply accept whatever she says about the failing of men and how their egos are affecting the feminist movement. Moreover, she’d probably tell you of how women suffer maltreatment in the hands of men while conveniently forgetting that men also face a significant amount of abuse from their partners too. Take this one for the male folk and you’d be happy for it on the long run.

Tell Her About The Women In Your Life
This is perhaps one of the best ways to get her to warm up to you. If you’re the mummy’s boy kind of man, tell her how strong your mother was in raising you and making you the kind of man every woman would appreciate. Go ahead and tell her how your sisters are part of the feminism movement and how happy you are to have such strong women around you. She’s likely to feel more comfortable when she realises that she’s not the only one that shares the idea of feminism in your life. This is likely to make her feel more settled around you.

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Watch Your Words
The Quickest way to get her to form a bad opinion of you is by being chauvinistic and saying things from the position of male privilege. Avoid saying things that belittle women as this is bound to be counter productive. Let her feel comfortable with your person (which should obviously not be an egocentric person).

Lastly, it is important you learn all you can about feminism by doing some form of research. This will help you understand the needs of these type of women. Try the much you can not to pretend to be a “nice guy” as this may backfire in a very bad way. Listen and learn. If the chemistry doesn’t come, my guy, move on; there’s about 3 other billion women out there for you to try it out with.



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