Chicken Republic’s Ad Was Brilliant, But Here Is How They Screwed Up

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Chicken Republic got into trouble after posting a tweet that mocked PDP spokesman’s Olisa Metuh’s detention in Kuje Prison.

Chicken Republic postThe caption is a direct attack at reports that Olisa tried to tear and eat up the statement he made to the EFCC after being interrogated.

Now people – especially PDP sympathizers – got all up in arms for mocking one of their heroes and calling Chicken Republic partisan. But this is why Chicken Republic’s PR is brilliant. Their social media posts revolve around issues of the day, regardless of topic, or without taking sides. They have mocked Jose Mourinho severally, they mocked APC last year when their legislators had to scale the House of Assembly gates, they have made puns using Chimamanda’s book, joined the 2015 Vote Not Fight electoral campaign, and so on.

This move keeps them in the conversation despite having only less than 2,000 followers on Twitter.

With this recent mockery of Olisa Metuh, the term ‘Chicken Republic’ trended for 6 hours by the time of this writing being mentioned 11,000 times. In addition, the hashtag #eatchickennotpaper and Republic and @chickenrepublic were trending too.

Chicken Republic need a clap for this stunt, but not without a bit of reprimand.

There could be legal implications if affected persons feel their reputation and name have come to slander.

All the same, the tweet has been deleted and in internet speak, deleting a statement is tantamount to admitting wrongdoing. In my opinion, this was unnecessary as they already had people defending them, with other people on the other side accusing them. In this vein, Chicken Republic may like to delete tweets related to Jose Mourinho, APC Senators, and the like.




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