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Never love anything you can walk away from in two mins or less when you see the heat coming. Or in this context, never love anything that can walk away from you in two mins or less when they see the heat coming.sidechickbabeSidepiece is a girl on the side you can call up at 2am and she knows whats up, no attachments just fuckin’, and you take care of her financial needs.

Sidepiece is also a guy you call up when you need money even though you know you’ll have to give up sex to get it, or a guy a girl calls up when she’s horny, like a Fuckboy.

Any relationship involving buying and selling of sexual affection with someone you don’t intend dating is sidepiece. It is broken to down to sidechick and sidedick.

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sidepieceSidechicks and Sidedicks are subdivided into what he or she wants…

He has/wants a sidechick because he needs better sex from what he’s having from wifey. He doesn’t intend cheating, but agro na bastard

She wants to be a sidechick because she needs her bills paid but she doesn’t want to sleep around for it like a prostitute would. Sidechicks are a weird description of faithful bitches.

If you’re fortunate enough to meet a gentleman, he’ll take care of you, do things for you, make you look good so he can fuck it off you whenever he likes. But he can never disrespect you and call you a prostitute or a bitch because you are offering him a service of which he needs you more than you need him. You’re both slime in a bundle.

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If you treat a sidechick right, she’ll stay loyal to you. Men keep these sidechicks to play roles which wifey has gotten too redundant to play. It’s boring nowadays. When they got married at first, his intent was fidelity. To stay faithful.

He even held out for three, ten, seven, fourteen, twenty-two, forty-six years but today, he can’t take it any longer. Does this remind you of anyone you know?

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Game Of Sidepieces Rules include what men expect from their sidechicks, what babes expect from their sidepieces, and rules to win in the game of sidechicks and sidepieces.

Rule 1      You’re not the main. Always remember that. – More than anything in the world, your sidepiece wants you to know this. You are not the main bae, main girl/boy friend, main wifey/hubs. Always bear rule 1 in mind. Don’t go doing I love you, Bae, Mine, kind-of-shit. Understanding that he or she isn’t yours will save you from shitty drama.

Rule 2     Keep an open-mind all the time. – Whenever he/she comes up with an excuse, accept it and shrug it off. What do you care? The more he/she cancels the best for you. The less he/she sees you makes life amazing for you. He/She has to make up for it by setting you up with funds for that business idea you talked to her/him about.

Rule 3    This is a movie. Every decision you make is a script. – You chose to play the role of a sidechick or sidedick, play it to the end. You only flip it if you’re getting upgraded to main. What’s up with getting him/her birthday presents? He needs just three things from you, your vagina/your penis, to look good and be available. Don’t suddenly start inquiring, what did you have for breakfast? The only time you both talk food is when ordering room service. 

Rule 4    You must have a job. Real or Fictional – You can not be a lazy-ass sidepiece. You have to prove to them you are busy, you have a life, you are his/her sidepiece, but you still have a life. Every man respects a woman that makes her own earnings. The economy is hard, hence being a sidepiece is better that than a plain old prostitute, right? Well, you must be busy. Running a course, Learning a skill, Submitting proposal, Planning to travel, just have one big dream so he knows you’re not here for the love. You’re here to get paid to set yourself up.

Rule 5     No time to waste. If he/she’s not meeting up, bounce. Like Rule Number 4, Just have one big dream so he knows you’re not here for the love. You’re here to get paid to set yourself up. If he isn’t meeting up or seems to want more than he can package, please set him free so he doesn’t hold unto your time. No time to waste. 

Rule 6     They are not allowed to have other sidepieces.At least not to your knowledge. Unless he/she has given you a house or an investment (both in your name),  He shouldn’t throw around the cash he ought to give you. If he’s interested in various girls, then you must adopt your role as an actress perfectly.

Rule 7      Never nag, fight or quarrel with him. He has enough drama in the home-front. No time to fight, just hump and rumble, he solves the N300k problem you have that day, he’s gone. It’s best you stay broke and your vagina stays dry than to sleep with any man for free. To get it at peck on the forehead, I love you with all my life, my account is N0.000,000,00 package, now that’s marriage, he’s either marrying you or his giving or helping you achieve something tangible, what is he there for?. Ha! you can’t love in vain.

Rule 8     Always have a problem he ought solve. You’re his free-vagina, he is your free-bank.Any guy that has the nerve to tell you he’s married and still wants to be with you, DRAIN HIM. Punish him on behalf of all the faithful women out there. He’s your bank, don’t dull and be doing good girl. When he calls you, it’s strictly to have sex not deliberate what junior will eat. When you answer it’s about how that money he intends giving you will settle your house rent or household bills. 

Rule 9     You must look better/sexier than the mainLooking better than his/her main is the deal sealer. – For that to happen, it’s an expensive lifestyle. He has to pay. Your price is determined by the kind of guy you meet. There are those who money ain’t shit to and they’ll throw it all up for you and there are those you pray never to meet. These ones are those bastards who come and waste your time in the name of love, drill you like a screw into a wall and leave you as empty as they met you. They used to be called players now they’re called Fuckboys, Run from these kinds. Never ever be with any man that will leave you as empty as he met you.

Rule 10   You needn’t be on each other’s social media. – You understand it’s a game. This is not for those who want to fight, take over and be the main, this is for those that have found Nemo, Nemo is acceptance. They know what they are doing, they know what they want, this is a business to them. They are not prostitutes, someone you pay for sex, they are sidechicks: The girl a guy cheats on his girlfriend with because she’s better in bed. She doesn’t need to be on your social media. Reserve your socialization to the bedroom media. That’s where your business starts and ends. 

Rule 11     A side-chick dreams should not turn into main-chick ambitions  You are not main, therefore, your side has to be maintained financially, since he already has someone emotionally. Don’t go falling in love and begin taking excuses as to why he can’t meet his responsibilities this week. If he wants free vagina, that’s why he has a wife. sidedickss

Rule 12   I don’t make love, I fuck. You can’t be making love to a man or woman whose heart belongs to another.Truth is, the sex might get so good you can’t help but feel the butterflies begin it’s slow but steady flutter in your belly. This is where a Nigerian will tell you, borrow yourself brain. You and this guy are oil and water, only together if its cooking, sexually and financially. Other times, we don’t know each other. 

When you begin to feel like your sex is the ish and his wife has never done the styles you’ve done with him, Answer this question:

If you were that great why are you coming off the bench and not starting for his team?Sidedick will turn you to Walking Dead if you dare fall for the line ”i’ll leave her for you, soon.”

Signs You’re A Sidechick / Sidepiece: 

If he/she wants to take pictures with you, you are Bae. If he/she always form shy for the camera, countdown to heartbreak for you.side-chicks-fail-11Know your place in his hierachy. Wive is medal, Ex is score, Sidechick is trophy, Baby mama is over-the-bar. side-chicks-fail-12In the end, the quest for extra vagina or penis is down to lust. Plain, stone-cold, David-saw Beth-seba-lusted-after-her-and-even-killed-her-husband-Uriah-for-her, kind of lust. Any man that can hunt for extra vagina is King David.A-Side-Chick





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