Throwback Thursday: Ten TV Series That Buzzed Our 2015

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Throwback Thursday wants no dillydallying today, just straight to business. How was your 2015? It doesn’t matter anyway since it’s gone already. Still, we can’t just put into some random box those movie series that gave us sleepless nights as we couldn’t let them go till we were through.

Even if it took midnight till dawn to finish them, we religiously and faithfully watched till the end. Then we start calling our friends and family to know if the next season is out so we could buy or borrow.

Personally I faithfully watched nine. Hit the comment column with how many you watched.

Here’s a run-through of the series that made our 2015. 

Undisputed Number One: Game Of Thrones


Interestingly Horrifying: The Walking Dead

Captivating Bloodbath: Vikings


TV Pop Culture Of The Year: Empire


Play For Power: Scandal


Hostel Reunion: Orange Is The New Black

Always Believe In Magic: Once Upon A Time

Fight To Survive Or Live To Die: The 100


We Aren’t So Mad At All: Mad Men


F&$k Society: Mr Robot







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