VIDEO: Fashion Blogger Deola Adebiyi Reveals How Much Her Make-Up Collection Costs

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Deola Adebiyi shares entire makeup price – One thing most men would never understand, is why women devote so much of themselves and their time to make-up.

Deola Adebiyi shares entire makeup price
Deola Adebiyi shares entire makeup price – File photo of a makeup collection

From lipsticks to concealers to eye-liners, almost every woman has a dress table littered with all brands and types of make-up.

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These things don’t come cheap, and be prepared for a surprise as Fashion Blogger at OmogeMura, Deola Adebiyi, reveals just how much here entire collection costs.

She writes: “Inspired by a tweet I saw on Twitter, I decided to calculate exactly how much my ENTIRE makeup collection costs. This includes the items gifted to me for review, things I bought myself and items I got from goodie bags from all the events I attend. After all the mathematics, I came to a very lump sum!”

Watch the video below!



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