Abby’s Diary #13 By Fiksionist

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Dear Diary,

I stood before a shirtless Jake and his chest called me to give him a hug but he stood there with a coy smile playing on his lips and his left brow raised. My mouth felt dry. What is it that this guy does to me? Why does he make me feel like a child but a full grown ass woman at the same time?

“Hi” He said.

“Hello” I swallowed. “Can I come in?”

“Yes. Eaten yet? I was having dinner.” He stepped aside and the moment I walked in, my stomach growled in hunger and anticipation. The sitting room was dim and The Weekend’s  ‘Earned It” was playing-


Have you seen that video? I still don’t get why the girls were nude! The guy was fully clothed in suit while the girls were nude and please don’t tell me the tapes over their nipples helped. Puhlese! Well, like Kermit, I am just minding my business. (sips imaginary coffee)


The night was chilly but in spite of that, Jake kept his air conditioner on. I rubbed my palms together and immediately, his eyes caught mine. He walked up closer to me and pulled me into a tight embrace as his hands grazed my breasts lightly.

“I missed you” I whispered as he kissed the nape of my neck

“I know.” He pulled away. “Do you want dinner first or…do you want to show me how much you missed me?”  He said.

“Remind me what I missed…” I knew we had to talk but talking would have to be later…

After dinner of jollof rice and side salad, we settled on the couch, covered up in a thick duvet and sipped on a glass of wine. It was the perfect scene of a married couple.  He had not said anything about our last fight and I didn’t know how to bring it up.

“I will be resuming in the next two weeks.” He said, pulling me closer.

I felt my heart literally sink. “When will you be back?”

“ I don’t know but I won’t be back in a while” he smiled and kissed me on the forehead. “Just don’t miss me too much.”

We sat in silence for a while and a thousand questions flooded my mind: will he come back for me? Why can’t he just say he loves me? How would I cope without having him around? Would he find-

“ Abigail?” I wasn’t listening to him.


“What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing.” I lied.

He looked at me and even though I tried to read his eyes, I saw nothing. “More wine?”

“Yes please.” As he went to the kitchen, I followed him and leaned on the door frame. “Jake, I know I messed up the last time. I am really sorry.”

“It’s fine Abby. I understand”

Just like that? I understand?  So my people, tell me how I should not just walk away from this merry-go-round of emotions?

We watched a movie that night and although he didn’t ask, I decided to stay the night because it was late. In bed, I decided to take my chance.

“Sexy, my cousin’s wedding is on the 29th and I think you should also come along. It would be nice to meet my aunt. Please?” I said snuggling up beneath sheets.

“I don’t think I will be available on that day but I will check though.”

“You said you would be free up until the first week of September.” I said sitting up.

“ Abigail are you really going to start all of this drama again?”

Are you kidding me? Drama? When did asking your boo to go out with you become ‘drama’?  “What did you say?”

He scratched his brows and got up from bed. “ Abigail, if you really want to go down this road again, I think you should leave.”

WHAT?!  I tried to laugh but it came out like a croak. “You are asking me to leave this night?”

“ Yes Abigail, leave. I am not the man you think I am and I will not give you what you are looking for Abigail. Just go. “

“ Jake what do you think I am looking for? I just asked you to come for a wedding and all of a sudden you are asking me to leave?” I could not believe my ears. “Jake is there something you are not telling me?”

“ I will never be committed to you Abby! Can’t you see?  I am not cut out for all of that.” He started pacing. “I think you should just leave. The driver will take you home.”

My lips trembled and I just went blank on how to get myself out of this. Abigail why did you have to this open this your Yoruba/Edo mouth? “Jake I am sorry.”

“ I know you are but just go.”  I heard him talk to the driver while I picked up my things and changed into the clothes I came in. Once again, damned tears wanted to embarrass me but I fought hard to control it. Memories of Tayo came rushing back from the dark recesses of my mind. Déjà vu, right? He walked me to the door; “ Take care Abby.”

The driver was waiting as promised. In the privacy of the car, I burst into tears, wondering how it all went wrong. Afterall, I was on my own when this guy came from wherever to sweep me off my feet with expensive gifts and all-expense paid trips. Was I supposed to hide my feelings and pretend I was not already falling hard for him? I heard my phone beep and hurriedly checked the message, thinking it was from Jake. Well, it was from him but…


Amt: NGN 250,000.Cr…

Just in case you are still wondering what that means, that was Jake transferring money to my account. I knew that was his account number because I had seen it a couple of times in the last 2 months since we started dating…or were we dating?  I honestly don’t understand what I spent 2 months of my life doing. Did I really expect a guy like Jake to love a girl like me?

And this money now, what was he paying me for? Services rendered?


“ You really have to learn to pay attention Abigail! Since you came back from God knows where you went to, you have not been-“

“But Zara I just told you I have it on my flash drive at home-“

“ So I guess this meeting was supposed to be in your house then?”

Arggggh! This Zara can be so freaking annoying and I really felt like punching her right on her bright face! But this time I knew I had messed up big time; I was shocked she didn’t storm into Oga’s office. I had forgotten my flash drive at home and it contained a brief for a photo-shoot we were meant to send to our official photographer.I took a deep breath and counted one to five. “ Zara I am sorry. I promise this will never happen again.”

She smiled satisfactorily. “Better.”


I got up and left the board room.  Nkechi tried to start up a conversation in the corridor but I was just distracted. This Jake’s thing really got to me and I was still contemplating if I should send the money back to him.  When I got to my office, I saw missed calls from a strange number and then a text.

 Halo bae! I came back to Nigeria last night. I am coming to pick you up from work. Can’t wait to see you.

So Jumoke is back to get married? Wonders shall never cease. Dear diary, please if you see my Mr. Right, tell him to come trekking. I don’t mind that he is not riding on a white horse or with a silver shield. Tell him I am tired of being alone.



She is a writer, blogger, bathroom-singer and she loves to laugh. Her mind is her playground and if you want to know more… Visit Follow her on Twitter @loglilmary


  1. Why aren’t my comments showing now….i hope this shows…anyways I think this Jake is too much of an enigma jare….Abby catch the feelings small small oh so as not to get hurt again…Aunty Jumoke I think it’s time we meet the mysterious hubby,i just hope it’s not capt. Jake.

  2. I think Abby is too desperate and there’s nothing attractive about it. You can’t blame a man for not feeling the way you feel in such short time . Take it easy or you’ll keep losing your men.

  3. Ok, started from #1 now and here, sorry I dint comment on d previous ones, na my eagerness to read the next episode no make me get time to doing a great job dear..but this jake dey match abigail mumu button gaan

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