Criminals Hail Apple Encryption, Call It “A Gift From God”

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It is no news that Apple Inc. is under fire by the American government to provide its security officials with a backdoor password into an iPhone device used by the gunman at a San Bernardino mass shooting, last December, killing dozens.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had earlier been ordered by a judge to ‘adhere and assist’ officers involved in solving the case with whatever information it could provide, particularly, access to the shooters phone.


Cook, Thursday released an open letter to all iPhone users where he explained the risks involved in helping the American government crack the phone.

While investigators have relied on phone data to investigate several cases in the past such as, killings, identity theft, shootings, and child pornography, checking contact lists for suspects or conspirators, they constantly face difficulty when the device is an Apple device.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook warned ”that creating software allowing the FBI to unlock the San Bernardino suspect’s phone could make millions of other phones vulnerable to hackers and criminals”.

Cook’s main reason for refusing the court order to break the privacy encryption is its Achilles heel.  According to ABC13

”If Apple were forced by the courts to “hack our own users,” the government could order the company to build surveillance software to intercept all sorts of messages, “access your health records or financial data, track your location, or even access your phone’s microphone or camera without your knowledge.” – Tim Cook, Apple CEO. 

Apple insists if it succumbs and grants access this ‘one’ iPhone, cyber criminals and hackers can get access to any and every iPhone(s). This has been praised by criminals and it’s being termed ‘a gift from God’.

One prisoner was overheard using the term while sharing the ‘good’ news during a prison-call.


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