Former ISIS Sex Slaves Take Arms To Fight Terrorist Group

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While some may wonder what women can do in this war against terrorism, these women are not down for placating anyone’s wonder.

They are simply on a mission-of-revenge against the ISIS men who raided their village, killed their loved ones and captured them as sex slaves.

Over five-hundred Yazidi women have come together to form an all-female battalion called ‘Force Of The Sun Ladies’. The group intends to propel a raid to retake Mosul their hometown where they were captured and taken captive and most of their men executed.

In 2014, their sect lost thousands of people and their home when ISIS struck the town.

Their drive to take up arms comes after managing to escape unbelievable sexual, physical, emotional and psychological assault at the hands of ISIS.

With a united objective, these women desire revenge and preservation of the future of young women in Mosul. They have teamed up with Kurdish forces in a bid to reclaim Mosul.

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Leader Of The ”Force Of The Sun Ladies”: Xate Shingali (as pictured) is the brigadiers founder and commander. She is also a famous singer who performed traditional folk-lore music all over northern Iraq. 

Speaking to Fox News, Captain Khatoon Khider who is a member of the Force Of The Sun Ladies, says: ‘Whenever a war wages, our women end up as the victims. Now we are defending ourselves from the evil. We are defending all the minorities in the region. We will do whatever is asked of us.’

Khatoon is among the first set of over-a-hundred Yazidi women being trained by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to attack Mosul with another five-hundred to follow soon. The women range in age from 17 to 37.

The name  “Force of the Sun Ladies,” reflects the culture’s solar reverence. Monotheistic and embracing elements of several religions.

Yazidi once numbered 650,000 in Iraq, nearly all on the northern Nineveh Plain. ISIS’ genocidal campaign to “purify” Iraq of non-Muslims led to the slaughter of thousands and displaced at least 200,000. – fox news

“Women were throwing their children from the mountains and then jumping themselves because it was a faster way to die,” Khider recalls. “Our hands were all tied. We couldn’t do anything about it.”

A 19-year-old ‘Sun Lady’, Mesa told foxnews; “It’s important to us to be able to protect our dignity and honor. My family is very proud; they encouraged me to join.

“I’m very proud to protect my people,” she said. “And after all that has happened to us Yazidis, we are no longer afraid.”


The Islamic state militants, ISIS, regards Yazidis to be devil-worshipers. This is because the Yazidi faith blends Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Islam

The Yazidi population which numbers over half-a-million people are presently displaced in camps located in Kurdistan, Iraq.

Director of the United Nations human rights office, Francesco Motta in a speech last month said; the militant group is seeking to ‘destroy part or the whole of the Yazidi people’.

Today, a 21-year-old Yazidi survivor, Nadia Murad Taha urged British lawmakers to assist in freeing the thousands of women and girls still held captive.

While addressing parliament in London, Taha also pleads for further assistance for displaced Yazidis living in refuge camps as well as Britain’s help in investigating ‘whether the militant group has committed genocide against the Yazidi people.’

Last December, Taha spoke to the United Nations Security Council and successive governments, appealing for fast action by the international community. She has travelled to Greece, Norway, USA, Britain and Egypt with her message.

She says in an interview; ‘The places I’ve spoken to have given me hope… but a year and a half has passed and nothing has happened yet. I’m in touch with friends – girls who are still in captivity. They are asking for help, to be freed’.

Miss Taha was also among the girls to be taken captive before she escaped three months later. She reveals she was raped repeatedly and endured endless torture.

She now lives in Germany.


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Yazidi men and women who have been captured by the militants have numbered to over five-thousand souls with two-thousand managing to escape or smuggle out of the ISIS self-proclaimed caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

When coalition forces stormed ISIS’s siege on Mount Sinjar many escaped, but still starved to death, while others died of heatstroke. After which ISIS systematically killed men and women deemed too old or too young or too weak.

Others were sold into sexual slavery. Boys who could be brainwashed were kidnapped and taken to be conscripted as child soldiers, those who failed were killed.

Women who were taken captive were forced to convert to Islam, subject to forceful marriage and repeated rape. Some escaped after they were sold to low-level fighters; and the lucky ones were ransomed back to their families.

The United Nations reports;

”ISIS is still holding an estimated 3,500 people captive in Iraq, the majority women and girls from the Yazidi community.
Surivivors have recounted horrendous stories of sexual abuse and torture.

One Yazidi mother, who gave birth while being held as a sex slave, told how she was not allowed to feed her newborn son. Her captor then beheaded the boy when he cried.


Leader of the Sun Lady group Khider says she never had any experience with weapons prior to her approaching the senior commander of the Peshmerga unit and proposed an idea that trained Yazidi women to also be fighters after their deadly loss in Mount Sinjar.

She hopes that in forming the force, the women will be able to protect themselves and inspire other minority groups to follow suit.

“Our elite force is a model for other women in the region. We want to thank all the other countries who help us in this difficult time, we want everyone to take up weapons and know how to protect themselves from the evil.”

In Peshmerga on November 13, the women volunteered to step into the line of fire to support the Kurdish army forces in a bid to take back their hometown and villages from ISIS stronghold. And they succeeded.

The newly formed unit engaged in direct combat and later helped clear streets and buildings rigged with explosives.

Their major challenge though is the Yazidi boys who were kidnapped from Mount Sinjar. They have been drugged and brainwashed and when the Sun Ladies fights ISIS, they will have to face some of their own. Sons and brothers fighting mothers and sisters under the blag flag of ISIS.

Thoughts: They are very brave to take a stand at the expense of their lives to protect younger women and girls.

Someone has to fight against terrorism, it might as well be the women who have to pay for war crimes they did not commit. 



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