Poll: Who Do Girls Glam Up For?

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Why do girls glam up? A recent observation between the male and female community witnessed the influx of very good looking girls popping up on every street. Suddenly, there are absolutely no ugly girls. Every girl looks good, every girl looks great, every girl looks glam.

While some girls will opine that they glam up to look good for themselves, others choose to glam up for the male attention or admiration while there are those who glam up just to oppress their fellow females.

One male observed, for those who claim to glam up for themselves, ”why do girls feel cool to look disheveled at home and when hanging out with their girlfriends but once a male is en-route to visit, she would quickly glam-up?” or ”why do girls glam up just to go to the store down the road?”

The real question now is, these girls, who do they really look good for?

(A) For each other

(B) For guys

(C) For themselves

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