Talking Drummer Ara Explains Why She Isn’t Popular In Nigeria

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Ara explains why she isn’t popular – Yinka Ara, a musician and performer known popularly as Ara the Drummer Girl for her skill with the drums, has opened up on why she thinks she’s more well known outside the country.

Ara explains why she isn't popular
Ara explains why she isn’t popular

The talking drum, one of the any instruments Ara plays, is a big part of the Yoruba culture, but the singer believes Nigerians aren’t proud of their culture.

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She said in a recent interview: Those who really appreciate Ara’s kind of music? Its foreigners that appreciate my music because Nigerians do not place value on their culture, let alone promote it.”

“Foreigners appreciate the Nigerian culture and my kind of music even more than Nigerians, and that’s the truth.”

She added: “I’ve been having a whole lot of performances, but you won’t see me on HipTv or Nigezie because they don’t appreciate my brand of music. I’m not an Omawumi, Tiwa Savage or Wizkid. How many people want to listen to the talking drum? We’re more accepted outside Nigeria. Maybe the perception is ‘it’s our thing’ but out there, they know what it really means for a female to play instruments. I play well over five drums.”

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Ara also spoke on the recent wave of controversies and scandals in the music industry, describing them as publicity stunts.

“Well, sometimes it’s just a game, a gimmick to sell publicity and sometimes its real, but I wouldn’t know if what happened earlier this year was real or was some kind of gimmick,” she said.



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