You Will Not Believe Where The Website Name Leads You To

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Some say he is the most hated man in America right now. But others feel he is the most realistic of all the presidential candidates vying for Obama’s seat in the White House.

Trump is not your average Mr. Nice Guy. He says things as he feels they should be said. He has an opinion on everything from immigrants, Muslims, Samuel Jackson and even Nigeria.

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This has led him to amass a large number of haters. People have called for his head on a platter, sending back hate for hate, especially on social media.

Quite recently in a protest in Iowa, a man threw tomatoes at Trump and got applauded for it, with basically every race in the world begging to adopt him for the brave act.







But that’s just by the way. Today, the pranksters behind the URL have decided to take things a notch further by directing the site to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page.

He won’t be the first person to be named a loser by the site. Kanye has been there, President Obama too, Al Gore, Wikileaks and even Reddit.

Here’s the history of the site:

An unknown guy registered the domain “” in 1997. It is suspected that this guy is or was named Steven Armato. He was crazy about “yo mama” jokes and Apple computers but he didn’t have the site for long. It is rumored that he sold it for a good price and the people who took over used the site for a chat forum, a retail store, an ad platform for Potentially Unwanted Applications and other stuff.

However, sometimes just for fun, they would decide to set up a technique called URL redirection that will lead you to another page.

Well, you could try it for yourself right now. Just go ahead and type into your URL bar today and see where it leads or just simply click this>>>

I’m sure many people will agree that Donald Trump deserves the title.



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