Abby’s Diary #16 By Fiksionist

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Dear Diary,

To love someone is many things; it is to become a Man United fan when you hate football, it is to like video games when all you want to do is watch Africa Magic in your pjays, it is to wear cinchers for that dress he likes when all you want is to wear that jean that lets thelady down there breathe a little and maybe it is to learn how to rotate 360 in bed to keep him smiling like a child in a candy shop. Yes, to love is many things.

I sit before Jake in the relaxed ambience of Four Points by Sheraton, sipping on a glass of Merlot, the brand he likes. He is saying something about going to London with him but my mind is wandering someplace else, asking questions that my mouth dare not voice else I will lose him again. I think of what it will be like if I told him I want all or nothing. I don’t want the fancy dinners or credited account if he doesn’t give me everything of him. My mind goes over the words but something tells me to give this time. Dear Diary, is time what I need or the truth before me?

“Amore, are you here at all?” He asks, looking concerned.

I smile a little. “Yes. I will love to go to London with you. I just have to tell my office-“

“Come on. I have told you to quit that job. I can handle it” He said with a wink.

“As cool as that sounds Sexy, I am in love with my job and I can’t-“

“You are wasting bloody time baby.” He cut in and signaled the waiter for God knows what.

While he spoke to the waiter in low tones, I sip on the Merlot and go through Facebook and then Instagram and then-

“ I have a surprise for you.” He pulls out a small red square box with a gold bow around it. My heart beat goes crazy and my mouth is completely dry. Could this be what I am thinking?!

“ Open it baby.” He said smiling

With trembling hands I untie the bow, using my side eye to check if he is about to kneel but he doesn’t. I open the box and find two keys; the first looks is a car key and the other looks like a regular key for a lock. My eyes blink uncontrollably and I fly into Jake’s arms in spite of the stare from other diners around us.

My people, I thought it was an engagement ring in the box but Le Boo aka Le Sexy got me a furnished apartment and a brand new car! Not an engagement ring but better than nothing.


I got home by 11:45 pm and realized that there was no electricity in my area. Sigh. So much for change. Jake had an important conference call to make so I boarded a taxi home. I was too excited about my new gifts and didn’t even realize that Ogama had company.

“ Ogama no fuel?” I asked.

“ Not even a drop.”

“Madam Abby I de hail o.” That was Julius’s voice. Now Ogama had gist for me too.

“Julius long time. Ogama you should tell Julius to buy fuel for us na.” I teased.

Ogama snickered. “Tellers!” They both laughed and immediately the light came on. Up Nepa!

“Say Baba!” Julius shouted.

I was about saying ‘Baba’ when I noticed someone else sprawled on our couch concentrating on his phone. When he turned and smiled at me, I knew I had seen the face somewhere but just couldn’t place it. The stranger got up and walked up to where I stood.

“ You do owe me a ‘thank you’, you know?”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Oh, you want to act like you don’t know me abi?”

Ogama and Julius were not even helping; they just looked at us like zombies. Irritation and confusion started to creep in but then the light bulb in my head came on! Dear Diary, guess who? Yes, you guessed right! Mr. Toyota Corolla! See me see trouble o!!!

I am sure he noticed that I remembered him so his small smug smile turned into a beam. “ I swear, I am not stalking you.”

“How else do I explain this?” I said angrily.

“Babe don’t mind Cheta and his clownish behaviour jor!” Ogama said laughing. She got up and pulled me away into my room. I heard the two guys laughing. What is so funny?

“Ogama what is going on here? This guy-“

“Why you de para like this? Relax nau. How was your date?”

“Tell me who this guy is before I lose my mind.” I snapped.

She settled into my bed dramatically before responding to my question. “Cheta is Julius’s best friend. He just returned from South Africa and is staying with Julius for some time before he settles in. He was actually the one who introduced me to Julius. But back then, I was tripping for him and his bad boy look but he had this serious girlfriend at that time so we became good friends. He sha insisted that I will marry his brother and that is how Julius and I met. Satisfied?”

I exhaled. “So did he tell you what happened this morning?”

“Oh, that! Yeah, he did. You see, yesternight when you slept over at the hotel with your cousin, he came here with Julius to beg me to get back with Julius and then saw your pictures in the sitting room and asked who you were. I told him and that was how he was able to recognise you at the bus-stop this morning. Abby, he was only trying to be nice, really.”

I sat on the bed feeling bad about how I treated Mr. Toyota Corolla. Me and my ways sha. “I will apologise to him.”

“No p babe. So how was it? Did you tell him how you feel about this whole thing?” Ogama asked. She didn’t like the way things were with Jake but Ogama doesn’t like a lot of things so I guessed she will not like my so-called good news.

“Well, it went well…”

“Gimme the full gist abeg!” she shouted excitedly.

I laughed and told her about the car and apartment in Bode Thomas. The car was going to be delivered tomorrow and I had to start packing up my things for my new house. She looked at me strangely, as though I were jazzed or dazed.

“Abigail, don’t you think you are giving this guy so much leverage? I think you should-“

“Ogama I know but Jake is different. Love is displayed differently.” I said, wishing she would understand.

She got up and gave me a full bear hug. “I hope you are doing the right thing.” She whispered.

I hugged her too and then watched her leave my room. I knew I will miss her but this was the sacrifice I had to make to make my relationship with Jake work.

After receiving a call from Jake, I went into the sitting room and sat next to Mr. Toyota Corolla. He looked at me and smiled. Casually, he took my hand as though he had done it so many times and said; “My name is Cheta and I am sorry for freaking you out.”

“My name is Abigail and I am sorry for being a pain in the ass.”



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