Man Faces 250 Years In Prison For Catfishing His 14 Year-Old Daughter

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Man Faces 250 Years In Prison For Catfishing His 14 Year-Old Daughter

Man Faces 250 Years In Prison For Catfishing His 14 Year-Old Daughter

In a twisted cat-fishing scheme reserved for the movies, this real life tale sees a father pretend to be his 14 year-old daughter’s online boyfriend.

Her father, claiming the lad’s 16 year-old identity, coerced her into sending her nudes to him. Later, the deranged man turned around and began blackmailing her for sex with the nude photographs.

The incestuous relationship caused the 41 year-old man to cry as he pleaded guilty, Monday, to a ‘dozen federal counts of enticing a child to produce child pornography and receiving and sending child pornography’.

The upstate New-Yorker from Herkimer County was arrested after the abused pre-teen confided with a nurse in her school, revealing ‘she was being molested by her own father’. 

During his hearing, it was unveiled her father had claimed the made-up boyfriend had committed suicide and began using her photos as ‘leverage’ to sleep with her.

The man whose name cannot be published to protect the victim is facing sexual abuse charges in Herkimer County Court.

Court papers said the deranged father created social media accounts with Instagram, AOL and a texting service in September 2013 under a fake name. Following that, he began chatting online with his daughter, pretending to be a 16-year-old boy from Watertown.

Man Faces 250 Years In Prison For Catfishing His 14 Year-Old Daughter
Man Faces 250 Years In Prison For Catfishing His 14 Year-Old Daughter

It reports that although they had never met, they began associating each other with boyfriend/girlfriend titles. When the fake 16 year-old began asking for nudes, she turned him down repeatedly till she obliged after which she decided to break up with him in November.

The back and forth message read :

Her father posing as the teenage boy –  “I tell u what u want to be gone then send me nudes and close ups and I will let u go”.

“No,” she responded. “I’m not going to do that. That’s another reason I’m leaving. All you talk about is sex sex and more sex. Honestly that is not what a relationship is about.”

The odious man threatened : “Then I will send these to your dad and then I won’t have to worry about anyone else having u,”. In reference to the child pornographic pictures she’d sent.

The man, posing as the boyfriend, repeatedly made the threat of sending the photos to the girl’s father, court papers said.

Court papers also revealed the boyfriend-poser threatened his child into sending his nudes a number of times.

She texted : “I told you that a bunch of times when we were dating that I don’t like those pics and now you are threatening me that if I don’t send you those then you’ll send my dad the ones I sent you before?. My life is ruined.”

The man still didn’t quit as he asked for more photos from his daughter while promising not to show them to anyone else:

She responded with : ‘You said that about the other one and now you’re threatening to send it to my father, who by the way will kill me’.

At a detention hearing in December, a federal prosecutor asked a judge to consider that it was a father tricking his own daughter.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Fletcher told U.S. District Judge Brenda Sannes during a detention hearing in December : “Keep in mind the relationship between the defendant and the victim in this case, which makes this all that much more egregious. The father extorted the photos from his own daughter.

To thicken the plot; after he had ended the relationship with her online-boyfriend  her father sent a text from the boy’s account from someone claiming to be his mother. The text message said the boy had committed suicide.

Shortly afterwards the father told the girl that the boyfriend had sent him the photos, court papers said. The father often referred to them and how much he liked them while he sexually abused the girl, Fletcher wrote in court papers.

He said at the detention hearing : ”The man’s scheme began to unfold a year after the fake suicide, when the girl reported to her school nurse that her father was sexually abusing her. Only after that did his torture of her subside. When police investigated, the girl told them that she’d been in an online relationship with the 16-year-old boy from Watertown. Police tracked down the texting account that the supposed boy was using and discovered that the texts had been sent from someone in the girl’s own home, court papers said”. 

The accused faces up to 250 years in prison when Sannes sentences him in July. The man broke down in tears while admitting his guilt in court today.

“It is very emotional,” he told Sannes regretably. “I’m giving away many years of my life.”


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