Music Review: Korede Bello’s ‘Mungo Park’ Is Another Beautiful Nonsense!

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“Shey you wan discover Mungo Park?”

No doubt, Mavin Records gives beautiful works at times but, truth be told, some of the singles we get from Mavin Records acts can be best tagged as “Beautiful Nonsense.”

Korede Bello hits us with another  single, we like the vibe, the ‎comic visuals, the amazing production which again, caps Don Jazzy as a well nurtured music doctor. We can’t help but to acknowledge the costumes of the dancer‎s also. ‎However, how can we describe Korede Bello’s new single “Mungo Park?”

Refresh your minds with the video: ‎[youtube][/youtube]

The music video directed by MEX enjoyed notable appearance from Don Jazzy and Seyi Law‎ who made the video entertaining no doubt. Korede Bello, however did his thing, started the whole drama with his senseless question (as portrayed in the video), “Who discovered Mungo Park?”‎ This only shows Korede Bello needs to read more and enlighten himself about the Scottish explorer.‎

Why do we have the teacher running after his student in the school premises for asking such question? In a school where we have rules and regulations that students are supposed to abide? Korede Bello ran into the dormitory, only to show his principal how manner-less he is, he gave another question which conflicted the single entirely, “Oga Don Jazzy -Twaleee, when you go marry? Sheybi you geti money, why you dey dulling? Yesterday orobo, today na lepa, shey na Omo dudu abi Omo pupa?”

Then he raised the tension by giving his principal, Don Jazzy a wonderful advice, “No ‎kill yourself, pick one already, wetin you dey find like you wan discover mungo park…?” Don Jazzy responded to his diss and advice by showing us students are allowed to be disrespectful, he started running after the lad. The vice principal, Seyi Law who has no prior knowledge of why Korede Bellow was running, picked race against him too.

Is this a race music video?

‎With Korede jumping around like a toad, it became obvious that, the music video lacked coordination and proper organisation, lyrically, the song’s content is extremely weak. Music has grown beyond giving us a “slang (hook)” to hold onto, if your lyrics are weak, we need a music video that will cover up for it, not a video that will expose it’s flaws the more.

“Mungo Park” audio will do well on the streets with a 20% rating due to the production quality, while the music video that will teach the students how to be rude to their teachers, principals and further enlighten them on how to run around the school premises in times of danger gets a massive 30% rating for the comedic and choreographic

-By Adeyinka Mayowa

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  1. Your assessment doesn’t add to or remove anything from d video. U guys should just free Korede. He mustn’t shoot his videos like every other guy outside. One should have a pattern of doing things and that is what makes u unique from every other person out there. Mr Adeyinka Mayowa I just wonder how many videos u have shot urself.

    1. Must one have shot videos to know a bad one? Let’s stop with that ugly sentiment and agree that when something is poorly done, it is poorly done.

  2. Wait i actually tot u had something to say about the lyrics other than the cliched “beautiful nonsense” you didn’t even talk about the song, u just talked about the video. The Video is the only reason that song is bearable! and as for the Video teaching “….students how to be rude to their teachers, principals and further enlighten them on how to run around the school premises in times of danger”. Dear Mr Mayowa I think Nigerian Student already moved beyond that and this little fun ain’t gonna hurt nobody

  3. Thank you for pointing out the nonsense that has come to be Mavin Records. Of course, they will invade the comments section under aliases and pretend to be supporters, as they try to defend their missteps.

  4. This is one of the worst reviews I have ever read on the internet. You clearly don’t appreciate the diversity and unique qualities of artistic expression. How is a funny video going to teach children to be rude to their teachers? What Nigerian child will have the guts to try what they see on tv with their teachers or fellow Nigerians? I can tell this article was written up in an attempt to stand out. If you get the privilege of attempting to stand out, why can’t Korede Bello and his record label?

  5. The song is truly beautiful nonsense but this review is pure nonsense. Must we take something away from a music video? If every video was meant to have a “moral lesson”, do you want me to start with our Nigerian videos?

    It was meant to be funny, that’s it. Let’s not read too much into the logic behind the video when we can see that the lyrics have no meaning either. I honestly laughed when Korede asked the stupid question.

    The video is one of the better quality videos I have come to see in Nigerian music. Not well-directed but quality-wise, not as horrible as you all make it sound. The song is rubbish but the beat is catchy and for some reason, that is what Nigerians are gravitating towards in the music industry.

  6. Mungo Park is an awesome track and video. It stands out because of the humor added to it. So you and your review can go die.

  7. Lol what are you talking about??? This song is fun and catchy. You’re dissecting it too much, don’t hurt your brain! These isnt a good review! That’s coming from someone whose actually works for a PR firm in NYC.

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