16 Year-Old Indian Girl Sets Herself On Fire After Neighbor Rapes Her

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An Indian girl has set herself on fire after being raped for being a caste

The Dalit girl in Bamheta village accused 17-year-old Babloo and 20-year-old Amit of defiling her. She told the police that Babloo barged into her home on Tuesday evening after sensing she was home alone.

Babloo and Amit fled her residence on sighting her brother coming back home.

Shortly after, the young woman doused herself with kerosene and set her body on fire.

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The family which resides in Ghaziabad, in northern India’s Pradesh State are castes, once called the ‘Untouchables’.
Authorities suspect the young men targeted the girl because of the status of her family as low-caste Dalits.

The Untouchables, have faced discrimination in India for a long time.

Her father told police:

“Babloo entered the house, locked my daughter in her room and did wrong things to her inside.

He behaved inappropriately.

When her brother returned to the house, Babloo started hurling abuse at him. He made casteist remarks against my son and slapped him. He even threatened to kill him.

“Disgusted by this incident, my daughter doused herself with kerosene and set herself ablaze.”

The young woman whose name was withheld was rushed to Surdarshan Hospital in Ghaziabad where they reported she sustained forty- percent burn injuries and is in critical condition.

Doctors attending her said: “She has suffered 40% burns injuries and has shown marginal improvement”.

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Her mother has revealed that the family have been offered bribes to drop the case against Babloo.

She said:

“We have been threatened. The families have offered us some compensation.

“We might not be as powerful as them, but our daughter is battling for her life here. Do they think any compensation is worth her life?”.

Ashok Sisodiya, SHO, Kavi Nagar police station, said:

“The accused fled on seeing the girl’s brother arriving, but shortly after the crime, the girl set herself on fire.

She was taken to Sudarshan hospital and her family members lodged an FIR on Wednesday morning. They named the accused.

Babloo has been arrested while the other accused is at large.
The accused have been charged under Section 376 of the IPC, and under the POCSO Act and SC/ST Act”.
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