Abby’s Diary #19 By Fiksionist

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Abby’s Diary Episodes


Dear Diary,

I was still on the floor when Ogama came to the house. She dragged me up in spite of her small frame, made a bubble bath mixed with spa relaxing salts and some of her special spa treats. I soaked myself in and narrated everything to her. I know I had had my heart broken a couple of times but the betrayal was always what hurt the most. Why didn’t he just tell me? I asked myself loudly.

“Babe I think you should just stop crying. He doesn’t deserve to see you this broken and hurt. He tricked you and then you get to pay the price? It is his loss babe.” She was sitting on the toilet seat while I tried to fight my tears. I saw the look of pity in her eyes and I hated feeling so helpless. I just wanted answers from Jake. I just wanted to hear him say that Aura was his side chick or baby mama that haunted him. Dear Diary, if he could only tell me that I will find a way to forgive him, try to make it work again.

Yes, I see you shaking your head from side to side, wondering if I have gone berserk or jazzed. Well, if you see your dream walk past you once in a lifetime you can let it go but I won’t let this one go. This Aura babe had better find new ways to drag this guy with me because her lies about being married to him does not hold water at all. Rara! I knew Jake loved me and he was not the kind of man to lie about something like this.

I got out of the tub while Ogama tried to cook something in the kitchen. Searching frantically for my phone, I cooked up a plan in my head that will definitely keep Jake with me.

“Ogama! Please where is my phone?” I called out.

“It is in my bra so that you won’t call that bastard again.” she replied.

This mumu girl sef. Has she forgotten that cancer is caused by a lot of things? I went into the kitchen and hugged her from behind. “Ogama please I just want to call my cousin. I swear I am not calling him.”


“Yes babe.” She handed the phone over to me and I rushed into my room. I quickly scrolled through my contact list and nervously sent a text to Jumoke.

Babe I am ready for Plan B. We should see to talk about what you had suggested.


Ogama refused to leave my apartment. She was afraid that I could do something crazy but the only thing driving me crazy was Jake’s silence. I had started sending him a text but ended up cancelling everything. I didn’t go to work either; I told my boss that I was purging and he said nothing. I heard Queen B was very upset at my news but I couldn’t care less because I couldn’t afford to. All I needed was answers.

While in my room, I heard Ogama shouting at someone. I thought it was Julius at first until i heard the other person’s voice.

“Are you crazy? I am here to see Abigail and you have the nerve to tell me to leave?! Do you know who I am?”

Ogama laughed loudly. “ Yes I do! You are a gay-ass mothereffer! That is why she is done with your lies and deceit and your torn apart ass! Or Mr. Capt, isn’t it true that you bend over?” Ogama snarled.

Before Jake could say anything I had appeared behind Ogama and my eyes had locked with his. We stayed staring at each other until Ogama noticed my presence. “Tell him to leave Abby! Tell him now.”

“Ogama please…” I said looking at her imploringly.

“Abigail I want this rat out of this house immediately.” Jake said.

Ogama charged towards him and I had to pull her back because I knew she was going to slap him and scratch his face with her claws. I had seen her do it to Julius and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

She had tears in her eyes when she turned to look at me. “So you want me to leave? This guy is doing you dirt Abby. Please don’t let him win!”

Sigh. This girl is just so annoyingly sweet.

I turned to Jake, who looked like he was about to hit something if I didn’t do his bidding. “Jake she is not leaving and if you really want to see me, you have to accept that she is staying.”

My heart was thumping because I didn’t want him leave. Ogama hissed and went into my room while Jake shut the door but stood there looking at me.

“What was that about?” He asked.

“Jake are you married? Are you gay?” My heart was doing that thumping thing again and I could almost swear he could hear it race faster against my chest.

“And when did this relationship become exclusive or something everybody should butt into?”

“ You are a filthy bastard! The moment your wife walked in here, threatening to kill me and your gay lover!”

He walked up to me and pulled me to the couch. I was crying again. Damned waterworks.

“This isn’t the best way to handle this Abigail-“

“Answer me. Are you gay? Are you married? Do you have children? You aren’t even a Captain for heaven’s sake!”

Jake pulled away from me. He scratched his brows before answering. I noticed he was nervous but I was willing to be patient.

“Yes I am married and I have 3 boys. Aura and I have been married for a while but things haven’t been working out.” He looked at me before he continued; “I wanted to tell you about it but…you assumed too fast.” He got up and started pacing. “ I used to be a pilot but I resigned some years back to run Aura’s father’s oil consulting firm. So, are you happy now?”

My heart felt like a mushy mess and words failed me. I had been crying silently with my head bowed. He knelt before me. “ Let me make it up to you. Let me fix this baby.”

“How?” I asked brokenly

“Just a little time. I am leaving Aura and it is really you I want, Abby. This time I am for real. I don’t want to play those games anymore and I am tired of being tied down by her family.”

He used his fingers to wipe my tears. I shivered at his touch and looked at him. “And Tombara?”

“That is Aura’s sick fantasy. Ignore that. Come with me to Jamaica so that we can spend some time together to work things out, okay?” He smiled a little.

“I think you should just go for now Jake so that I can think about it.”

He stood up and picked his car key. “Don’t keep me waiting forever Abby. I need an answer tomorrow and I want that rat out of this house Abigail. If you really want this to work, you have to stop listening to people.” With that, he left the house and my emotions began a riot on what to believe.

Dear Diary, I wanted answers but his didn’t give me the peace I thought it would.

Rara– At all.



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