Abby’s Diary #21 By Fiksionist

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Dear Diary,

The weekend was weird! After the wedding, I had returned home to see Jake with a trolley luggage and he said he was going nowhere without me. Believe me, at first I didn’t understand what he said until he told me to pack my bags and we travelled to Ghana for a comedy show. Yes, just like that! We travelled in his private jet and lodged in Villa Monticello, making love, laughing and strolling around Accra and then he said it from nowhere by the pool side:

“ I love you Abigail Idemudia”

BOOM! Just. Like. That.

My eyes felt teary but only for a moment because that stupid thing my mind does to me anytime I am close to happiness with this man happened; it reminded me that he is married with children.

“You can’t think about Aura baby.” He said reading my mind.

“And I cannot not think about her…your family and everything that happened in the past Jake. You have to give me some time to process this.”

He stopped in his tracks and looked at me. “I can’t believe I said I love you and that was your response. Like, isn’t this what we both wanted?”

Dear Diary, I was upset about what he said but he was right. This was what I had always wanted but it stared me right in the face and I could say nothing but give an excuse. Didn’t I swear to myself to fight for this man?

He scratched his brows. “I made reservations for dinner at the hotel; I think we should head back.”

After dressing up in a simple black dress and wedge sandal, we settled in for dinner at the restaurant. “I love you Jake, so much I can’t even explain but I need answers.” I said.

“I will give you the answers in time Abby. Focus on this and let’s make it work, okay?” He said smiling. His answer was not sufficient but I let it slip. One thing about him was he hated being rushed and I had learnt that painfully in the past.

“Abby, there is something you need to do when you get back to Lagos.”

I sipped my white wine, relishing in its warmth. “Yeah?”

“ I need you to resign from that agency of yours. I will be travelling a lot and I need you by my side baby.” He held my hand across the table “Can you do that for me baby?”

I laughed it off and took another sip of the wine. Is this guy serious?

“I am serious Abby.” He said looking very serious.

“ But Jake-“

“Remember when I told you that I wasn’t the man you think I was? Abigail, dating me is a full time job already ‘cause with the way things are, I might not reside in Nigeria anymore. I don’t want Aura bringing down the whole of Lagos in a bid for revenge. She wants blood- not like I can’t give her that- but I just want peace of mind with you…elsewhere.” He kissed my palm lightly and I felt tiny shivers run through my spine. This guy just…hmmm…I was speechless. “Promise me you will think about it?”

I nodded and we continued our meal in silence while my heart rummaged my mind for its sense of wisdom.


“You are fucking doing what Abigail?!!!” Ogama said on the phone. I pulled away from it to roll my eyes. She almost deafened me with that scream.

“Relax Ogama. It isn’t definite yet.”

“ Just come to the house later abeg.”

“ I can’t come tonight, I have to arrange stuff at home. Let me return to work. Bye.” I ended the call before she could say any other thing.

I had returned in the wee hours of the morning and Jake’s driver had dropped me at the office. I was buried in work until Ogama called to force words out of my mouth after seeing my Facebook pictures from Accra. Will I really resign? Is Jake just in playing with my heart? He said he loved me so at least that counts because he is not the type of man to say things he does not mean. I took a gulp of water to calm my nerves.


I looked up to see Zara’s fake smile beaming at me. What does she want?

“Good afternoon.” I said looking at my laptop.

“Nice work on the PZ thingy.”

Oh oh. Queen B wants something and if she doesn’t, someone please wake me up.

“Thank you.”

She lingered for a bit.

“So you know Cheta?” she said.

I told you I knew she was on to something. Mumu girl. “Yes I do” I said looking up from my laptop.


“Will I be fired if I don’t answer?”

She looked like I had slapped her in the face and I did a little victory dance in my head. “ No but-“

“Then I won’t. Will that be all?”

I saw her swallow. “Look, I didn’t tell him we know each other and I don’t want you telling him anything either. Please, I will appreciate that.”

I looked at her and I could almost see her kneel before me. She looked a little desperate and I was tempted to press her buttons but I decided against it. One day fowl nyash go open.

“I won’t.” I turned back to my laptop and continued with my report.

The day flew by and while I packed up to leave, my phone new Iphone 6 plus rang.


Yes, I had to let you know that I am no longer using my Blackberry phone courtesy Jake.


The number was hidden and I was tempted to reject the call but I didn’t.


“So after I begged you to leave my husband you refused abi? You this ahsewo! I will deal with you! I will break your fat bones and feed it to my Rottweiler!”

My heart began its hundred meter race, thumping hard against my rib cage, begging to be free. “Aura?” I said, holding tight to my phone.

“Jake is using you. He wants a divorce so that he can take everything my father built!” She sounded like she had been crying. “I gave him everything including the air he is breathing when he is screwing your fat ass and I will take it back! I swear, even if it is the last thing on earth I will do!” I heard the dial tone go off.

I sank into my chair trembling. Abigail, when did you get here? How did it lead to this?



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  1. It is getting real. Abby abeg run ooooo ah b4 dem kill for nothing. If it means starting over in another town or city run as fast as ur legs can carry u

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