More Lemonade Drama As The #BeyHive Swarm Rachel Roy The ‘Home Wrecker’

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rachel roy

Rachel Roy is one of the women JayZ allegedly cheated on Beyonce with; and the same woman it was said that Solange had a fight over in an elevator with JayZ.

Roy has been tagged a whore, slut, home wrecker, and every other vile name befitting the crime she is being accused of.

More Lemonade drama continues as the #BeyHive have dragged Rachel Roy from her fancy castle into their pot of shame.

Someone changed #RachelRoy's Wikipedia to "died" under a lemonade stand ?? #WSHH

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After the premiere of Beyonce’s latest work, fans delved in social media to investigate who Queen Bey was referring to when she said, “he only want me when I’m not there. He better call Becky with the good hair”.

A classic case of do not comment if you do not know the full story. Becky is often used as a slang term for a white “Valley girl” type and “good hair’’ is a black colloquialism for straight hair.

Becky with the good hair ie Rachel Roy then put herself into trouble by posting on her Instagram with the caption, “good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies or self truths, always, live in the light. #nodramaqueens”.

If she had any chance of escaping the sting of Beyonce’s bees, her response sealed her fate as she was dragged and torn for her foolery as brave as she intended.

She was very foolish to even post a picture with a comment and the #lemonade hashtag.

  • pixinerdy – I cannot fucking believe this, HOW CAN JAY Z DO THIS??? YOU HAVE BEYONCE AND YOU DID THINGS WITH THIS THING??
MissMczille said “no one was checking for Rachel until she threw her shade with her Instagram caption, now the heats turned up she’s crying in defense. #pickyourbattles?.

William on Twitter: “We are dragging jay. But that whore also knew they were married”.

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When the disses became unbearable, Rachel Roy decided to appeal through sentiments.

She tweeted: “I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what, is bullying, of any kind”.

If she thought that would abate the escalated drama, she was wrong, as #BeyHives jumped down her throat through her timeline.

  • basra_k from Instagram seems to have a different point of view though. He said: “Why is everyone blaming the other women when the common denominator is jay? I knew he was a cheater from the start and Beyonce’s fake perfect relationship was a obvious front. Truth straight up here is no one is giving jay any hate when he is the serial cheater”.

Lesson 101: Do not comment on issues until you have the full gist and know all your escape route.

Who are you vying for Beyonce, the cheated, JayZ, the cheater, or Rachel Roy the cheatee?

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