Video Review: Rihanna Goes Savage On New ‘Needed Me’ Video

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Rihanna premieres her latest visual artistry ‘Needed Me’.

Rihanna, 28, can also be described with one word in this video, and that’s ‘savage’. 

The ‘Work’ singer was naked nine times and bared her breasts in seven of them. Like most of her songs this 2016, Rihanna is getting racier in every new video she serves and we just can’t wait till she decides to shoot a music video that would just pop up on Pornhub (Don’t ask how I know the site, lol).

On the review of “Needed Me”, the video has gotten over two-million views less than twenty-four hours since it debuted on Wednesday which is also global pothead’s day, Happy 420.

rihanna needed me 14

The three minute plus footage showed an angry Rihanna sexily crooning while plotting to kill a guy who broke her heart… or owed her money as she has already said she can kill for her papers in Bitch Better Have My Money.

She said:

“I was good on my own, that’s just the way it is. That’s the way it was. You was on the down-low for a faded fuck….. But baby don’t get it twisted. You’re trying to fix your inner issues with a bad bitch before she goes out to shoot him”.

And he had the nerve to throw money on Rihanna as she caught him with booty all over his face, she put him down but not before saying ‘didn’t they tell you that I was SAVAGE’. That line got me.

He looked too gangster to be her boyfriend but it sure sounded like her story with a certain ‘faded fuck’.

rihanna needed me 5

Critics have called  the number low saying that some stars have gotten higher than that in lesser amount of time, eg Nicki Minaj, ‘Anaconda’.

Still, ‘Needed Me’ is still fresh off the oven and will be kicking some Youtube views soon, what with the amount of nudity and violence, pop culture will have a field day with this.rihanna needed me 7

The video is a track off her “Anti” album and was directed by Harmony Korine.

The song was a 10, the lyrics a 10, the video quality a 10, but the video content gets a 5 from The Game and I as the rapper posted on Instagram captioning Rihanna’s over publicized breasts as Coming to America.

rihanna needed me


Rihanna could have done better if she wasn’t capitalizing on sheer lust and sex appeal as the lyrics were so badass.

Majority of those who watched the video also dropped their reviews and for many, it’s just “poor content meets utter lust and violence in a bed of unnecessary slow-motion”.

Her makeup and costume were on point though.rihanna needed me 8

G. Noah K. said, “Seems like she is destroying the already bad sales of the album with all these unflattering singles. Only “Love on the brain” can save “ANTI”. Releasing a new album after 4 years was a mistake, she lost precious time, she came up with the most uncommercial album one could ever imagine, and now she’s releasing the most unflattering singles. She’d better get her act together soon before it’s too late”.

xForeverYourss thinks the video is disappointing, “What a disappointing video. she spent the whole time standing, with a “fierce” look on her face or walking in slow motion just to shoot a random guy in a strip club. dope song; horrible, pointless, time consuming video tho”.
rihanna needed me 10
We didn’t get the excess ‘somewhat unnecessary’ slow motion, and Taylor Jones shares our view, “I love Riri, but what was this lolol I literally just watched her and some random ass shaking in slow motion for 3 minutes. Like really did the wholeeee video need to be in slow motion?? And where was the story?! I feel like this whole video was just an excuse to place Riri in a see through gown with her nipples on full blast holding a gun so everyone will talk about it the next day. Her makeup was on point though! She is so beautiful!”.
Fans like Trey are the reason RiRi stay on Billboard Top 10, “Rihanna is such a baddie. I don’t even want to smash. I want her to tease me for rest of my life and never let me hit it”.
rihanna needed me 12
Well RiRi should thank open-minded Raymond Castillo, “So much hate only Rihanna could get 1 mill views on the first day of video release I’m obsessed with this song its amazing!!! I guess none of y’all have gotten heart broken by some asshole”.
GAH thinks the video validates black stereotypes, “Why put violence and revenge like a good thing? Why glorify violence in that way? It’s just a pop video, she has A LOT of options but choose to shoot guy and walk around with a gun like black people doesn’t have enough bad stereotypes with criminality to handle with….. smh”.
You watched the video, I guess, so what’s your review?
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