Woman Catches Lover Raping Their Dog On Hidden Camera

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Jesus Gutierrez, has been caught sexually harassing his girlfriend’s pet maltese.

Planted for a purpose, the hidden camera sprouted something more shocking as this weird man slept with the dog after she ‘mistakenly’ left a camera recording video feeds in a house they shared.

Maybe she expected to catch him cheating – but what she found was much worse.

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His girlfriend said she went to work after setting up a camera inside the apartment ‘mistakenly’ and at exactly 3:45 PM, the video footage shows a clip of Gutierrez sexually assaulting the animal.

For over thirty minutes, footage panned on Gutierrez having sex with the dog, and also using his fingers to sodomize the animal.

Prosecutors said the dog appeared distressed.

Jack . G. Goldberg, attorney representing Gutierrez insisted neither he nor his client had seen the ‘speculated’ tape.

Gutierrez described the incident as a “difference between him and a woman he was with” – whatever that means.

Attorney Goldberg explained Gutierrez was intoxicated during the supposed time the assault occurred.

He informed the press the his client was a hard-working man.


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Gutierrez was arrested at 7:30PM after his live-in girlfriend viewed the feed and reported him.

Princess, the assaulted maltese pe,t has been taking to a vet, officers confirmed.

The Lower Eastsider faces a two count charge of misdemeanor for torturing an animal and sexual conduct with an animal.

During his arraignment in a Manhattan criminal court, Gutierrez, who is a Spaniard, insisted he needs a Spanish interpreter saying, “No English, no English”.

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The court released him on his own recognizance.

Gutierrez’s girlfriend – whose name is withheld – refused to comment on the matter.

Jesus and the sexually assaulted maltese

His lawyer insists Jesus is a hard-working man. What does being hard-working have to do with sleeping with a dog when you have a woman at your beck and call?

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