Funny Or Not? Israeli Man Files Restraining Order Against God

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An Israeli man whose identity is restricted has joined the latest number of Israelis who are taking God to court, laughable right?

The man said he was advised by the authorities to submit a restraining order against God which he did on Tuesday (May, 3 ) at the Israeli Magistrate Court in the northern Israeli port city of Haifa.

His request claimed, God had been bothering him for three years and he wanted this interference to stop.

Man submits restraining order against God

The man taking God to court said his unending requests to the police to arrest God wasn’t yielding any result as the police had been ignoring him.

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The most the authorities had done was to send patrol cars to his home on 10 occasions and he wasn’t satisfied with their efforts.

When Israeli police officials in his district couldn’t take his menacing claim anymore, they instructed him to take out a restraining order against the Lord which he obliged.

Israeli news site NRG said the man had told the court, “For the past three years He started to treat me harshly and not nicely. I complained to the police many times. The Israel police asked me to take out a restraining order.”

His request was thrown out by the ruling judge, Ahsan Canaan.

The Times of Israel reported that the judge said attempting to file a restraining order on God was absurd. He also urged him to seek help elsewhere and not from the local authorities.

How do you file a restraining order on God? I can’t seem to wrap head around it.

Source, Indiatoday

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