7 Types Of Sex You Should Consider Having During This Rainy Season

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OK. The weather has taken a turn for the good and all of us are loving it! The cold days that we have now are a perfect time to turn up the heat in our sex lives literally if we have any hope of getting the cold out of our systems. It’s time to turn the heat up in the bedroom and any other warm places you can get, since our aim is to get as much fun and warmth as possible out of this season.

Get yourself prepared with these fun, thrill-seeking suggestions to get the best out of this wet and rainy season.

Indoor Sex
By indoor sex, we mean you and your partner exploring different areas of your house asides your bedroom. Try having sex in other areas of your house including your sitting room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony and any area that increases your chances of being caught. This will increase you and your partner’s adrenaline rush which will automatically add up more steam to your activities during this season. You should however ensure you’re in the clear if you decide to have sex in an area devoid of privacy. The heat and the steam from this is enough to carry you through the season.

Animalistic Sex
You’ve probably thought that your partner is too hot and sexy for your own good and you can’t help but bring out the inner tiger or tigress in you. The rainy season is a time to try out more aggressive and lustful positions to encourage your libido to hit the roof with the dull weather. And with the weather making you want to keep warm, what better time than now to turn up the heat with some animalistic sex?

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Bedroom Sex
This seems to be the cliché thing to do in this season but the fact is you can bring a lot of fun and excitement to bedroom sex with a bit of creativity. Your natural adrenaline rush is limited because it is a regular thing but you can activate it by spicing up your bedroom sex with creative dresses, role plays and styles. Go for sexual styles that will leave you and your partner feeling more connected. Have sex with some of your clothing on and experiment with role plays. The fun all these will bring to bedroom sex during this season will be more than worth it.

Make Your Sex Toys More Useful
If you and your partner are into sex toys, it’s time to incorporate it into your sexual encounters this season. Make use of waterproof sex toys which you can dip into warm water and put into use during playtime. With both your body and that of your partner feeling cold, getting teased on the skin and erogenous zones with a warm sex toy will do a lot to stimulate an erotic chill throughout your body that will really turn you on and send you way over the edge.

Hot and Sweaty Quickies
This is the best time of the year to employ got quickies to get yourself and your partner warmed up. Irrespective of where you want to get your fantasies lived be it indoor or outdoors, quickies can get you sweaty because of the rush of adrenaline that comes with it. Whenever and wherever you have the mood for sex, allow it to come quickly, randomly and passionately this season. You’d probably be very cold this season, you can as well use the quickies to get warm and sweaty.

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Tantric Sex
Tantric Sex is a slow form of sex that’s said to increase intimacy and create a mind-body connection that can lead to powerful orgasms. With the weather blowing so much cool breeze around, it may be the right time to try out some tantric Sex. In between the warm quickies and bedroom sex, you may want to savour each and every moment of your sexual activity which can help to prolong your orgasms. Try out a more relaxed and slower paced sex and enjoy the joys of intense exploration.

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