Freedom VS Attention: Rising Trend Of Mothers Sharing Photos While Breastfeeding Spark Debate

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The new breastfeeding culture of taking a photo while breastfeeding and sharing on social media has illicited a debate on the real intentions of women who share such photos.

It is now a question of ‘Freedom’ for every mother to be at peace with her post-baby body and answer natures call to feed her young versus seeking ‘Attention’ and garnering social media likes.

Prior to the age of social media, breastfeeding was between the mother and her baby, today, breastfeeding is between the mother, the baby, the camera and the rest of the world.

Especially for celebrities  or anyone with social media followers.

Thandie Newton advocates to normalize feeding her young

While many women are loving themselves through this process, ie the process of sharing snaps of the special bond feeding her young creates between them and their child, others are calling the act of sharing such precious should-be private moments ‘a call for attention’.

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An example, Thandie Newton recently shared a photograph of herself feeding her baby while at the Latitude music concert which she captioned, “Perfect happiness @latitudefest This is what my body is made for. And the rest is my choice. #Freedom”.

The photograph was met with mixed reaction as some showed support for her #Freedom while others expressed dissatisfaction on her true intentions.

  • victoriainyama – I support breast feeding and all but this way is a bit nuff, should have snapped d making of d baby and d moment d creation”seed” was sown. And respect d child’s privacy too?.
  • debracuming – Thank you so much for posting this. It took guts and is such a beautiful photo ❤️❤️❤️.
  • barefoot_on_the_driveway – Nursing my almost 2 year old and so fantastic to see this picture in the public domain. Well done mama ?
  • kyki_su – She Just wanted to show tities.
  • fortgrey_93 – I’m not against breastfeeding in public at all but why go out of your way to take a pic and post it online? Its what your body was made for, sure, but do your thing and keep it moving baby.
  • charlene123a – The people who sexualize breastfeeding are the ones with the problems! This looks like any mother holding a bottle to help feed their baby….NOTHING different! It is our freedom to choose! The world needs to stop seeing breastfeeding like this is a “bad” thing or tell us to cover up etc….ridiculous! By the way….a gorgeous shot! ?.
  • doinit4mysoul – Yassss queen !!!!! #normalizebreastfeeding.
  • funkeeduck – Thank you for helping normalise natural term breastfeeding, beautiful photo Mama!.
  • stildre – I’ve seen her breast a lot in movies lol, why won’t she feel comfortable breastfeeding openly.
  • queen_karma_quinnn – I get it and support breast feeding but I do agree its for attention when posted by taking selfie… Its supposed to be beautiful and intimate.

With these in mind, here are a few questions from some of us who are neutral on the matter:

Is taking a photograph while breastfeeding a move to “normalize” breastfeeding?

Was breastfeeding ‘abnormal’ when there was no camera to take a photo with and social media platform to share it on?

and What exactly is anyone trying to “normalize”?

Sound off in the comment section, especially if you are a breastfeeding mother. Your thoughts are very welcome.

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