The “Taking Selfies” Trend is Obviously Here to Stay

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Everyone from the President to a regular lady on the streets of Nigeria takes selfies these days. It has become part of our modern culture that we all engage in without any real thought because everyone else is doing it.

But most of the time, we do it so we can post them on social media and show everyone what we look like at our best and how we spend our time. There are even some selfie trends that people get on board for with no real reason, like ‘Foodfie’ (literally, selfies taken before or immediately after eating), ‘uglies’ (selfies where you pull a face) and so on.

Does a “good” smartphone camera matter for selfies?

Tecno Camon C9-04-360nobs

Personally, I would do anything for a good selfie. Yea, call me a selfie maniac, you wouldn’t be wrong anyway and, since smartphones now double as point and shoot cameras, taking pictures with a “bad” camera could ruin the moment.

Being able to take great selfies has become one of the most desired smartphone features and every smartphone maker is looking for ways to improve their cameras because the selfie trend looks like it wont be disappearing anytime soon.

There are lots of smartphones that boast good camera quality right now but I think I agree with some tech bloggers who crowned the new TECNO CAMON C9 as the “Selfie king”.

But is the device really all that?

Quality is everything, even when it comes to smartphone photography. You want images that you can print, put in an album or frame and can probably live for ever (if properly stored) right? Then, I will say (in my opinion) TECNO has done very well with the Camon C9’s camera.

Tecno Camon C9-03-360nobs

Now, imagine being at a gathering and a person offers to take a group selfie? In most cases, ladies will run to the bathroom to redo their makeup before going for the photo and guys will quickly look for handkerchief to wipe the oil off their face. But with the TECNO Camon C9, you don’t need to worry about any of this because of its beautification and real-time makeup effects.

Tecno Camon C9-06-360nobs

The phone has eight natural makeup styles that will help retouch your face and make it seem as if you actually put on makeup.

Low light areas? Not a problem
Tecno Camon C9-05-360nobs

Taking pictures in a poorly lit area can also be a problem for photo lovers and some people try to deal with this by either using flash lights or a touch. Well, Tecno definitely thought of that when making the C9 because its 15 lux soft and natural light that is well hidden in its beautiful design, makes pictures taken in low light areas very clear.

Tecno Camon C9-02-360nobs

The Camon C9 also enables you move all the camera features into settings to enjoy a full screen picture because it can be frustrating when there are too many icons on the screen that wouldn’t make you see the objects you want to capture.

Tecno Camon C9-01-360nobs

The TECNO Camon C9’s front and rear 13MP cameras with flash, together with the other remarkable features that comes with it, simply makes the smartphone amazing.

This is a personal testimonial of a Tecno Camon C9 user.

Tonia Soares

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  1. Tecno – Is there a feature for watermarks? I think that’ll be a great one to add and can I purchase this phone out of Nigeria?

  2. I’m beginning to notice that there’s no sentence that includes selfies and doesn’t include camon C9 these days. It shows that the phone is exactly what it’s supposed to be!

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