Lynxxx Shares Some Mind Body And Soul Inspiration

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Lynxxx pens down inspiring words which deals with the mind, the body and the soul. The singer also asks a series of insightful questions. 

He wrote on Instagram:

There’s certain things age just doesn’t bring and maturity is one. Maturity isn’t your body type, ur build or ur financial situation…. Its your state of mind, body and soul and the ability to make the right choices.

Your mind… What do u feed on? What kind of lifestyle do u live and leave? What is ur outlook on life? Priorities and goals? If you allow your mind to be controlled by society then you are a product of your environment and not a product of God or what you are destined to be… Thats an L

Your Body… What does it mean to u? Are u working out just for the compliments or are you working out to take care of the temple u have been entrusted to protect and respect? Its ur choice to protect or abuse your own body… The latter has its consequences… Chose wisely.

This is the most important…your Soul…. The only thing that would live forever… Now remember your eternal destination is in ur hands… Ur choices in life determine ur destination.. Who are u living for? The World or the Word? One takes u down the other, takes you up.. To a glorious eternity…

Free will comes at a price…. Make the right choices and live a God standard life, theres no repeating if u get it wrong… Sacrifice is key!
May God’s grace sustain our Will to do his Will at all times.. Stay blessed y’all ??

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