Mariah Carey Says Her Kids Are So Funny They Need To Be On TV

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Mariah Carey thinks her twins, Morrocan and Monroe are so funny they would have their own show if she were an agent.

While speaking to a panel regarding her Mariah’s World docuseries on E! on Wednesday, August 3, the singer answered questions about her children and ex-husband’s involvement in the show.

She said about her kids, “They can have their own show because that’s how funny they are. It’s not because they are my kids.”

The 46-year-old disclosed, “I think it should be sparingly used unfortunately, but they should have their own show. If I was an agent and discovered them, I’d be like these kids need to be on TV.”

mariah carey
Mariah Carey with her twins, Monroe and Morrocan

“I can’t speak for what he thinks because he’s his own guy, and we are not together anymore.” Mariah answered when asked how she felt about ex-husband Nick Cannon being on the show. “But he’s cool about being on the show and coming around with the kids and is very supportive.”

Miss Carey added that “due to circumstances outside her control” Cannon’s appearance on her show wasn’t certain.

“I don’t know what’s going to make final cut!” She quipped.

Mariah’s daughter, Monroe

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Regarding how often her twins will feature on the show, the award-winning singer admitted that “it’s too soon to know exactly how much they’ll be involved, even with their larger-than-life personalities.”

Mariah said she would have to discuss with Nick on the extent of their children appearing on the reality show, “I just have to figure out mutually with Nick how much we really want them in the show.”

She stated, “They’re an integral part of my life—it’s the kids and it’s the show.”

Mariah and Nick on TV is definitely reality TV goals.

Mariah’s son, Moroccan

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