TECNO CAMON C7: What We Love And Cherish

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Last month TECNO released the Camon C9 into the market with a powerful 13MP front and back camera. It was the first time TECNO will be featuring this type of sophisticated camera on any of their devices.

The 13MP front camera on the device excited many of us and we are yet to get over this when the news of the mini version; the Camon C7 went viral online. The TECNO Camon C7 looks so much like its bigger brother; the Camon C9, but a boss will always be a boss.

We got the device few weeks ago and after experiencing the device, these are the things we love about the Tecno Camon C7.

Excellent design
One of the things every prospective buyer of a device looks out for when making a choice of phones to buy is the design. Great and cool design says a lot about a phone. The TECNO Camon C7 is an example of a beautifully crafted device, it shares the same design language with the Camon C9 from every angle you look at it.

Tecno Camon C7_d1_360nobs
Camon C7 at the top and Camon C9 at the bottom

The volume rockers, power button, headphone jack, charging port and the camera are all nicely positioned at the right side of the phone.

Lightweight and easy operation with one hand
We like the fact that the TECNO Camon C7 comes with a 5.0-inch HD screen and a slim body. It is very comfortable when held in the hands and can be operated with only one hand. It feels solid and well-built and yet still very light in the hands. We love the texture feel so much and people who saw it do too.

 Tecno Camon C7_IMG_20160817_124817_360nobs

Excellent 13MP front and back camera with 83° wider angle

The TECNO Camon C7 takes great and awesome images in both low light and abundant light environment, thanks to it its dual LED flash.

Tecno Camon C7_d2_360nobs

We are happy that TECNO has fixed minor issues we complained about on the first iteration of Camon devices (TECNO Camon C5 and Camon C8) while retaining the top-end camera upgrades from the Camon C9. Like the Camon C9, the Camon C7 is equipped with 83° wide angle 13MP selfie camera and 13MP rear camera. Samples images from the TECNO Camon C7 are very good and colourful.

Tecno Camon C7_d3_360nobs
Image from the 13MP rear camera in a bright environment
Tecno Camon C7_IMG_20151231_131015_360nobs
Indoor picture under artificial light

Beautify photo v2.0 with interesting make-up portraits

TECNO Camon C7 also comes with the Photo editing app debuted on the Camon C9. TECNO said it’s beautify photo V2.0. The app is fun and interesting and is something ladies will enjoy. You can train yourself to become an amateur makeup artist by using this feature on the device.

Tecno Camon C7_IMG_20160819_092016_360nobs
Before makeup was applied
Tecno Camon C7_IMG_20160819_092049_360nobs
After makeup was applied

It comes with various makeup portraits and you can apply lipstick, foundation, blusher, eyebrow, eyelash, eyeshadow and even contact lens. Ladies should check that editing feature out, it’s time to spice up Instagram photos with the beautify photo on the Camon devices. 

A dedicated Camera button

For a device dubbed as a camera phone it is handy to have a dedicated camera button because it makes photos taking such a lovely experience.

Tecno Camon C7_IMG_20160818_114958_360nobs

The Camon C7 specially designed camera button enables us to take pictures quicker and without any of the shake involved in trying to press a camera button. In fact the Camon C7 can take picture while the screen is off just like the Camon C9. You can do this by double tapping on the camera button and it will instantly capture the object in focus.


We are impressed that there is no trade off in camera pixels on both the front and the back camera even though the phone is a mini’ version of the Camon C9. Both cameras give good result under natural and abundant lighting conditions but pictures taken under low light condition are not as good as those from the Camon C9. However, it’s better than most phones in the same price range and at N39, 000-N42, 000, it is definitely a value for money.

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    1. I particularly love the size and shape of the C7, the flat back would help for easy handling and table placement. Nice design for a sister version all the same.

  1. This is a review about camera alone. Please, post another review about other features of the phone e.g. multitasking, RAM management, smooth running of applications and games, battery, general software performance, shortcomings of the android Marshmallow version in it, issues you don’t like (if any), etc.

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