Google To Launch New Smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL

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Google to launch Pixel smartphones

Google is set to host an event on the 4th of October, where it expected to launch two new smartphones.

The tech giants have reportedly dropped the Nexus name, and the new phones will be titled Pixel and Pixel XL. The phones are expected to compete with Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

In a trailer announcing the event, the company didn’t share too much, only writing: “Something new to love on Oct. 4”.

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Google to launch Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones

Many of Google’s Nexus smartphones have been produced by companies such as Samsung and LG. These new phones will however be produced by HTC, who produced the first Nexus back in 2010.

Phones are not the only device to be launched that day, with the Google Home, DayDream VR and an improved Chromecast with 4K display.

Reported images of the phone have already began surfacing the internet, with the Pixel also rumored to start at $649 (N205,000).



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