Nigerians Drag Tyrese Gibson Over Mark Zuckerberg Post

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American actor, Tyrese Gibson is facing the wrath of Nigerians after he made a comment that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg came to Africa.

The former MTV VJ wrote on Instagram, Wednesday, August 31:

Some people think we’re human beings having a spiritual experience it’s the other way around – we’re spiritual beings having a human experience – Mark Zuckerberg randomly popped up in Nigeria, Africa and he’s there jogging hanging out and connected with our people – he looks so happy and I’m sure they’re doing a lot for his spirit and life – Sometimes you just have to run away to far places and find your balance………..

I’ve seen a few pics and I just love this so much…… Mark I felt the same the people of Africa are just amazing people and souls.

His words were met with scorn despite how good-intentioned it was when he clicked “post”.

Know your geography, Tyrese!

Those who criticized him included, oman5880 wrote, “@tyrese it’s not your fault u are ignorant of world geography.. afterall americans (sic) are the least educated in world politics n geography!Shioor! (sic) Get an education n stop being condescending..we are nigerian (sic) n proud!”

jnogbu also shared, “@tyrese Mark Zuckerberg is not in AFRICA for God’s sake. He is in NIGERIA DAMMIT. Africa is Continent with over 50 countries. You guys are just ridiculous. Smh (sic).”

Others such as oluwamidhe kept it safe with “Well Nigeria is in Africa so it’s safe to say he’s in Africa ?.”

Tyrese isn’t so wrong. Mark Zuckerberg did come to Africa and just visited Nigeria as he’d also be visiting other African countries as well.

Plus, no one can argue that ‘everyone knows Nigeria is in Africa’ so he also passed a geographical knowledge for those who are ignorant of the location of the country.

Nigerians like to take everything with a spoon of spawn and they’d hold his statement to heart without considering the fact of the matter which is “Zuckerberg came to Nigeria”, a country in Africa.

Whether Tyrese mentioned Nigeria, Africa or Nigeria alone is besides the point.

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