#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 52: Fun Time On Google Hangout

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Academy Day 52 of the #ProjectFame9.0 competition focused more on members of the faculty as they had the opportunity to interact with fans of the show on Google Hangout.

The activities of Day 52 commenced with Uncle Ben’s class as he went on to rehearse the duet songs with the contestants. The contestants did well with both the duets and dancehall performances and Uncle Ben appeared impressed.

After an entertaining rehearsal session, fans of the show from different countries around the world were given the opportunity to spend time with members of the faculty, including Mummy J, Uncle Ben, Ms. Ige and Ms. Lovette via the Google Hangout session.

The session on Google Hangout was an interesting and entertaining one as the enthusiasts of the show from Europe, America and Africa used the opportunity the interactive session provided to commend the Faculty members on the good work they do with the contestants. They also asked a number of burning questions about the show and how they viewed the contestants remaining on the show.

In an unexpected turn, some of the fans that interacted with the faculty members went into details on how the show has been of benefit to them, especially regarding voice training, just by watching the Academy classes.
Mummy J was particularly impressed and she said as much to the fans that she was happy that the show not only impacted positively on the contestants but that it also extends to the viewers.

The excitement of the Google Hangout session was taken a notch higher when one of the fans asked Ms. Lovette to teach Uncle Ben a couple of dance moves there and then! This put Uncle Ben on the spot leaving him with no place to hide. He however provided fun and laughter as he made some nice dance moves.

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