15-Year Old Girl Facing Life Imprisonment For Allegedly Killing Her Abusive Father

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A 15-year old girl, Bresha Meadows is currently in jail at the Trumbull County Juvenile Detention Center in Warren, Ohio for allegedly killing her abusive father.

On July 28, Bresha, allegedly shot and killed her father with his gun, a gun he had reportedly used to threaten the lives of his family members multiple times. Bresha’s mother, Brandi Meadows called her daughter a “hero” for putting an end to the abuse, which according to her had been going on for 20 years. Bresha faces aggravated murder charges that could carry a life sentence if she’s convicted as an adult.

Last week, rallies were held in some major US cities like Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles to protest and demand her release from jail and that the charges be dropped as it had been announced that she had been placed on suicide watch. However, on October 6, the Free Bresha Meadows campaign announced that she was no longer on suicide watch and had been returned to the general population. The campaign wrote in a statement “We continue to worry about her mental health and wellness as long as she continues to be jailed.”

Two months before she was arrested, Bresha reportedly ran away from home and her aunt told reporters that Bresha had told relatives at the time that she feared for her life, “because her father was beating her mother and threatening to kill the whole family.”

Her mother, Brandi also said that her husband’s abuse landed her in a hospital at least 15 to 20 times over the course of their relationship.

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