Grave Digging Championship Is A Real Thing And Two Slovakian Brothers Just Won The Title

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Grave digging

The first ever National Grave Digging championship took place earlier this year and it attracted professional gravediggers from all over the world.

Now last week, gravediggers from Poland, Hungary and Slovakia competed for the title of Central Europe’s fastest gravediggers.

Nine teams were competing for the title and it was a simple task, using only shovels and picks, each team were to dig a grave to exact specifications (5 feet deep, 6.5 feet long, and 3 feet wide) as quickly and neatly as possible with a 5-member jury judging their work.

Two brothers from a village in Slovakia with 15 years grave digging experience emerged as champions as they finished in 54 minutes. The event took place in the Slovakian city of Trencin as part of the International Exhibition of Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services. In many crowded cemeteries, graves must be dug by hand because the cemeteries are  too crowded for machinery.

The competition was intended to bring funeral companies together and show people how difficult the job is.

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