Heartbroken Penguin Trends On Twitter After Fighting For Love

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A male penguin got dumped by his wife penguin after discovering she was cheating on him.

A video of the incident was shared by the National Geographic Channel’s Twitter account, with a narrator giving a hilarious play-by-play commentary of the incident.

The male penguin had come back to its nest, to find its wife with another male penguin. Outraged, it began to attack the “homewrecker” (as nicknamed by National Geographic’s narrator). After an intense battle with their flippers, the birds decide to take a time out and let the female penguin choose who she wanted.

The female penguin chose Homewrecker, further infuriating the male penguin. As the new couple made their way to the nest, our heartbroken male penguin attacked again, this time using its beak to cause bodily harm. Both penguins got bloodied real quick, and soon after they gave the female penguin the option to choose again.

You guessed it. She chose Homewrecker again.

Seeing that the love of his life was gone, Male Penguin took off into the winds, on a new quest for love. His plight attracted many on Twitter, who took pity on him for going through such a cruel fate.

Watch the video below, and see some of the funniest tweets about the whole incident below.



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