How To Remain Calm While Having A Stressful Day At Work

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Stress has become a major factor in the everyday lives of people especially urban dwellers. From facing traffic to get to work, to dealing with a difficult boss and thinking of how to stay afloat in this economic recession, having repeated stressful days has become a norm for a lot of us.

Dealing with the stress we encounter is an entirely different ball game as it may be quite difficult to know exactly what works. There are a number of ways to thrive under pressure and we have come up with a few workable solutions to tackling the effects of a stressful day.

Admit You’re Stressed
Before trying to tackle the stress you feel, it is ideal for you to understand the causes and the way you feel. It is usually not enough to say a situation or thing is stressful or difficult. Thinking through the details can be of major help in putting the stressful situation in perspective. This can also help to make you feel more at ease. help put the stress in perspective and your mind at ease.

You may want to know the precise cause of the stress. Could it be you have multiple tasks? You’re annoyed or anxious? Or you have deadlines to meet? Once you’re able to determine the precise cause, you can try to talk yourself out of the situation which is a good way to manage stressful situations. You can follow that up with a short pep talk to psych yourself up. Words like, ‘There’s really nothing to worry about’ or ‘You can do this,’ can pretty much do the magic.

Make Your Health A Priority
One of the best ways to combat stress is to maintain good health by eating a diet rich in vegetables, exercising everyday, sleep long enough, avoid smoking and drink alcohol in moderation. Dr. Katz practices the same holistic approach he preaches. More so, sharing a hug with someone you care about such as a partner or close friend can help to release feel-good hormones which can combat stress.

The effects of the habits above is that sleeping well can provide you with enough energy to exercise and attend to all the activities during the day. This will have a snowball effect by also relieving stress and sharpening your mind, providing you with more than enough energy to attend to activities at work.

Save Your Energy For Important Things
It is easy to get overwhelmed and want to invest your energy in things that don’t matter at work. It is however best to focus your energy on the things that are within your control and let go of those that will sap your energy and give little or no result.

When undergoing a particularly stressful situation, you can choose to take deep breaths intermittently throughout the day. This usually has a calming effect especially if you’re dealing with a stressful situation.

Be Prepared
Another good way of combating a stressful day at work is to be prepared for any eventualities that may come up at work. Preparing ahead by reading about a task and knowing about almost everything there is to know about it beforehand can go a long way in making your day less stressful.

Of course, there will be times when you will get caught off-guard, and when that happens, it is best to admit that you have no idea but promise to find a way around it. While it is normal to not be able to have enough exercise and rest sometimes due to your job schedule, it’s best to take what is available during this period.

Taking short breaks to walk around can be a good tonic which can help you focus. It is also important to find out time to enjoy the things you love doing.



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